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Wastech are the sole Australian importer and agent for Bramidan Balers from Denmark. Bramidan Balers are recognised throughout Europe as one of the best waste management solutions, for their immaculate design and quality. Simply put, Bramidan Balers are the best in the world.

Bramidan Balers are capable of not only compacting cardboard and plastic, but materials such as e-waste and metals. The full Bramidan range caters for volumes anywhere from small fruit shops to waste transfer stations.

Great For  Cardboard


Balers in the B-series have a low noise level and a classic design with cylinders on top.


Great for when space is limited. View


Ideal for handling larger boxes. View


Designed for large scale compression. View


Designed to handle bulky waste.  View


Features an extra wide filling / opening. View


Heavy duty strong compression.  View


Balers in the X-series have an extreme low noise level and a compact design with strong cross cylinders.


Great Bale for when space is limited. View


Ideal for larger demands. View

X25 Galv

Bale designed for wet conditions. View


Great Bale for handling bulky waste. View


A heavy duty compression Bale. View

Special Machines

This is a series of presses for special purposes e.g. compaction of drums, tins and bags.

BP2 Bag Press

Great Baler for compressing wet waste bags: Up View


A specialty Baler designed for use with drums up to 200 litres. View

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal channel balers are reliable and easy to use when compacting large volumes of waste.


Great Baler for large needs when space is limited. View


Great Baler for large needs when space is limited. View

Baler Accessories

A range of consumables / accessories to suit the Bramidan Balers range including Strapping Tape, Tape Racks and Recycle Bags.

Baler Strapping Tape

Baler Strapping Tape / Twine to suit most European Balers. View

Baler Strapping Rack

Wastech Tape Rack for use with Baler Strapping Tapes. View

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