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Hooklift Bins

Wastech Hook Lift Bins are designed and engineered with durability and functionality in mind. Our range of hook lift bins offers heavy-duty performance, superior compaction, high and rapid payloads, and maximum efficiency. Available in sizes like 32 m2 and 30 m3 hook lift bins, this innovative equipment can be customized to suit all waste types, including bulky materials, organics, and general waste. With Wastech Engineering, we ensure the highest quality of hook lift bins on the market. We can help you achieve environmental sustainability through engineered solutions and innovative equipment.

T1000 Compactor

Hooklift Compactor Bins

Rota Pack compactor

Rota-Pack Compactor

Engineered with an advanced auger blade for unparalleled and hygienic compression, the Rota-Pack compactor is tailored for hand, bin lifter, tippler bin, or chute loading. Its superior compaction capability makes it suitable for wet waste, organics, cardboard, and general waste. This also ensures high payloads, effectively minimizing your carbon footprint.

T1000 Compactor

T1000 Compactor

The T1000 Transportable Compactor streamlines waste disposal and ensures complete containment of wet and food waste. This compactor is specifically designed for heavy-duty performance and rapid loading of waste materials such as general waste, paper, cardboard, and other recyclables. The T1000 Compactor can handle and load your specific waste type.

Shark Hooklift Compactor Bin

Shark Compactor - Wastech Engineering

Shark Compactor

Shark Compactor easily crushes, compacts, and transports huge and bulky waste materials like mattresses, furniture, plastic chemical containers, oversized boxes, and white goods. This equipment is an ideal alternative for transfer stations since it doesn’t require civil works or saw tooth bays.

Image of Compactor Bins by Wastech Engineering

Compactor Bins

Designed for large waste volumes, the compactor bin compresses waste materials, which significantly reduces its volume and saves space for more efficient operations. With its rolled walls, heavy door hinges, and locking system, it’s perfect for compacting general waste, dry waste, and large, bulky waste.

Open Top Hooklift Bins

Image of a Open Top Skips Bin manufactured by Watech Engineering

Open Top Bins and Skips

Equipped with a high tensile pin, main rails, non-marking nylon rollers, heavy door hinges, and a locking system. Open top skips are built with rolled walls for integral strength or heavy-duty ribbed style. This can be useful for C&D activities, bulky resources, and dry waste. This comes with a full range of dimensions, hook heights, and rail widths that suit your specific requirements.

Auger Hooklift Compactor Bin

Image of a Auger Bins cutout manufactured by Wastech Engineering

Auger Bins

Powered by a heavy-duty and electrically driven ‘levelling screw', the Auger bin evenly distributes waste without using a compaction blade over the length of the bin. This method is an ideal solution for large volumes of waste, such as general waste, dry and wet waste, and industrial and commercial materials.

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