S-250 Chute Compactor

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S250 Chute Compactor

Our range of compactors includes small compactors that are designed to overcome specific site requirements.

Make the most of your space. The Wastech S-250 Small Compactor is the perfect solution!

The S-250 Chute Compactor loading from a waste chute:

Unit has a receiving hopper above the packing chamber to suit the waste chute deflector, with a photo cell for auto start. An interlocked access door is fitted for maintenance.

S-250 Stationary Compactor to suit loading by hand or Bin Lifter:

Unit comes complete with its own power pack on the rear deck and electric control box with P.L.C.

S-250 stationary Compactor Bins:

3 Cubic Meter Front-lift Packer bins, with lock off pins and tarps. Bins have auto release catches on top lids with safety latches for locking onto the compactor.

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S-250 Chute Compactor