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Smoothtube Plastic Chutes

Super-smooth chute solutions

Welcome to Wastech’s revolutionary plastic chute system. Smoothtubes feature an internal finish that has 80% less friction than steel, making them quieter and cleaner than traditional steel and cement chutes.

The moulded connection between the loading throat and vertical chute minimizes the impact area. No sharp angles mean a faster, less restricted flow from the stainless steel intake doors down to the basement or collection point. Additional acoustic features have been incorporated into the Smoothtubes chute systems to ensure a quiet building.

Technically superior, self cleaning, very quiet and environmentally conscious, Smoothtubes can be used for garbage, linen and as a recycling chute for high-rise apartment projects.

All internal surfaces have uniquely designed joins eliminating crevices where food particles can collect and breed bacteria. The closed cell non-porous material will repel grime, bacteria, odour, and liquid avoiding blockages so frequently caused by the build up of garbage on internal surfaces of steel and cement chutes.

Care for linen by installing a linen chute using Smoothtubes. The internal surface insures that no burs or welded joins can tear valuable linen as it moves silently through the building to its collection point.

Wastech’s linen doors are stainless steel, key locked and very quiet. Compliment your linen collection service with a clean, quiet and green solution.

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