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Customised recycling solutions to suit your requirements

Wastech Engineering design, manufacturer and service a broad range of cardboard, recycling , organics and general waste compactors for supply and installation Australia wide

For light, medium and high-density waste and recyclable materials, Wastech has your compactor solution. Available across our range are several options from stationary and transportable to recycling and cardboard compactors that can be tailored specifically for onsite requirements and your individual handling/loading preferences.

Wastech’s experienced consultants work closely with clients to specify the correct compactor taking into consideration site, space, budget and what waste types the machine will fundamentally process such as organics, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminium or commingled waste.

There’s a compactor for – Cardboard

Image of our waste and cardboard compactors

There are many benefits to using a recycling or cardboard compactor as part of a wider waste management plan. A compactor will free up valuable space, minimise human resources required to manage waste, and efficiently divert recyclables from landfill contributing to a sustainable environment.

Contact Wastech today and our waste consultant specialists can advise your business on the best compactor solution to minimise your on or off-site waste operating costs.

Transportable &
Integrated Compactors

Movable compactors providing the ultimate flexibility

Our Transportable/Integrated Compactor range allows for safe and efficient off-site removal once full.

Wastech allow operators the ability to reposition their waste, organics or recycling compactor to suit site requirements by proving three model options, paired with a variety of bin sizing options. This makes it easy to find the right compactor for your different waste applications.

Our range provides many loading options including; by hand, chute loading, bin lifter and tippler bin.


Wastech in association with our key compacting partner, Presto, a global leader in the field of compacting recycling and residual waste, deliver our clients consistent first-class industry performance.

Rota Pack compactor
T1000 Compactor
Pendulum Compactor

Stationary Compactors

For larger waste volumes and a more permanent installation, Wastech deliver a selection of stationary compacters that are durable, flexible in design and engineered for maximum efficiency in applications ranging from use in general use through to applications in transfer stations.

Ideal to compact and contain large amounts of general waste, paper, cardboard, plastic and other recyclables, the stationary compactor range’s superior compaction force using auger and blade compaction technology. The stationary compactor range helps reduce waste transportation costs while increasing site floor space and promoting recycling to reduce environmental impact.

Large compactor
Stationary Compactor
Large Stationary Compactor
S4000 Stationary Compactor

Specialty Compactors

For more unique applications such as recycling EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and liquid extraction Wastech offer both an EPS High Density Extruder capable of compacting EPS into very dense 300kg/m blocks, ready for recycling.

The Liquid Extraction Machine is designed to remove liquid from returned or rejected packaged goods such as liquid filled (non-carbonated) products that are packaged in low density containers such as LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) or waxed cartons. The machine’s high compaction ratio can achieve up to 95 per cent liquid extraction.

Liquid Extraction Compactor

Past Projects & Outcomes

Some of the unique projects which Wastech has designed, manufactured and commissioned.

Double Decker Compactor

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