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German built, Australian supported refuse trucks return to Australia with cutting-edge, greener, affordable technology.

Combining the best of German engineering with local knowledge and industry experience, the partnership between FAUN and Wastech is your quality alternative for mobile collection.

Wastech are proud to align with FAUN to bring their comprehensive range of waste & recycling collection equipment to Australia. As their industry’s largest manufacturer within Europe, FAUN are global leaders at the forefront of innovation. This ensures that you, the customer, have access to the most up-to-date, green, reliable and efficient technologies; whether it’s collecting waste and recyclables or keeping the streets clean.

With the key focus on durability, payload, energy efficiency and low noise levels, the FAUN range is designed for fleet managers and councils Australia-wide. Boasting the world’s first fully hybrid garbage truck demonstrates FAUN’s commitment to innovation and the environment.

Our Partner Faun

With the highly regarded Wastech Frontlift Truck design now over 5 years’ old, the natural movement for Wastech was to forge a partnership with a highly-reputable leader in the mobile waste collection industry to complete its suite of products. There is no better partner than FAUN, demonstrating all the hallmarks of superior German engineering.

Several senior members of the Wastech Technical Service and Support Team have comprehensive previous experience running fleets of the FAUN range of rear load garbage trucks. The combination of extensive hands on experience, an expanding service division and the FAUN range of equipment, Wastech is now able to offer the complete range of collection solutions for your industry.