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Benefits of Recycling for Australian Businesses

Does Recycling Equipment Use Much Energy?

Does Recycling Equipment Use Much Energy?

When pursuing goals related to sustainability, recycling tends to be at the forefront. It is often the first aspect of eco-friendliness that businesses and individuals consider. However, many find themselves concerned about how much energy recycling equipment uses. If the machinery required to recycle uses a lot of energy to run, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of trying to be sustainable? Wastech Engineering has developed an appreciation for these concerns over many years at the forefront of the industry in Australia. Here, we address the issue of whether recycling equipment uses too much energy for viability.

How Does Recycling Help the Environment?

Firstly, it is a good idea to go over why we recycle. Recycling helps the environment for the benefit of the induvial and businesses alike. It conserves precious energy, reduces air and water pollution, and preserves finite natural resources. At the basic level, less waste ends in going into a landfill and is instead used as secondary raw materials in creating new products. At Wastech Engineering, we provide businesses with the equipment, advice and continued support to ensure that their recycling and sustainability goals are realised and maintained.

Does Recycling Use More Energy Than It Saves?

This is an oft asked and valid question. The short answer is “no”. In almost all situations, recycling a product to be used in making a new one uses less energy than starting from scratch. To use the example of aluminium cans, mining bauxite ore is an extraordinarily expensive venture when stacked up next to using recycled aluminium.

The same may be said for a lot of other materials from cardboard to construction and demolition materials. Thanks to the ever-evolving technologies we use in designing and engineering our recycling solutions, the costs are continually becoming more efficient. Products such as de-packaging equipment and crushing and screening machines mean that fewer and fewer materials are being wasted. This not only reduces costs for businesses but enables them to sell these raw materials in many cases, thereby creating a new revenue stream.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

There is another way in which we make recycling cheaper and more eco-friendly for our customers and their businesses. We believe that it makes sense that we, as an industry leader would use practices that are eco-friendly in the way we fabricate our products. Therefore, all our equipment is made using recycled materials, wherever possible.

Additionally, we use power generated from our own 85kw solar array in the production process. This not only makes our processes more sustainable but also costs us less. We pass these savings on to our customers, making recycling cheaper for everybody.

Wastech Engineering knows the benefits of recycling for Australian businesses. Trust us with all your recycling energy consumption concerns. If you have ever asked “how does recycling help the environment?” or “does recycling use more energy?”, get in touch by calling 03 8787 1600 or filling out our contact form today.

Reducing Carbon Footprint in Australia

Best Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Best Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In the face of growing concern over climate change comes the need for businesses to scrutinise their carbon footprints more than ever. Among the many reasons to do so include slowing the diminishment of resources, saving on the increasing costs of using finite resources and pressure from governments to adhere to sustainability measures. Wastech Engineering knows the importance of reducing carbon footprint. We exist to help businesses make the transition by providing state-of-the-art waste management and recycling equipment. Here, we look at the best ways your business can reduce its carbon footprint.

Educate Your Staff

The best place to start is with your most precious resource: your people. Ensuring staff know and share the values your company adheres to as a collective is important. Sustainability is very difficult to achieve if not everyone knows exactly what they’re aiming to do. Therefore, it’s imperative to have everyone on the same page. Get your business greener through company-wide information and education on why and how you’re looking to minimise your carbon footprint.

Start Recycling

This may seem like an obvious way to head in the direction of carbon neutrality, but it means different things to different businesses. Businesses just venturing out on the road to sustainability will benefit greatly from adopting recycling practices. It could involve the simple addition of an eco-friendly baler to compact cardboard or plastics.

Keep Recycling

This will instantly start helping the environment and the bottom line. Recyclables are reused and warehouse space is saved. Larger businesses or those a little further along the sustainability journey may benefit from reassessing existing practices. The advancement of technologies in sorting, crushing and screening are ever evolving and continuously makes repurposing materials more viable than before using purpose-built machinery.

Reconsider Travel

Depending upon the nature of your business, the need to attend meetings and the like may be necessary. However, if the coronavirus has taught the planet anything, it’s that we don’t always need to travel to be together. Online meetings save time, money and the environment and are one of the easiest ways for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

Seek Professional Help

To minimise your carbon footprint, your business needs the right equipment and advice. The size and specifics of your industry will dictate your needs and so, finding information relevant to one industry may not be suited to your business. That’s where we can help. Our staff have garnered unparalleled knowledge and experience through decades in waste management and resource protection. We’ve helped many businesses across Australia achieve their goals through our products, advice and ongoing support.

Need help reducing carbon footprint in Australia? Trust the experts at Wastech Engineering. We’re looking at ways to reduce carbon emissions globally! Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to learn the importance of reducing carbon footprint today!

Sustainability and Energy Consumption in Australia

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Energy Consumption

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Energy Consumption

At Wastech Engineering, we manufacture and supply a wide array of waste management and recycling equipment. We’re proud of the fact we’ve been able to provide businesses across Australia with sustainability solutions over our decades in business. Our range of equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured to deal with solid waste and recyclable materials in a way that helps businesses achieve sustainability goals. We do this while keeping costs down. In many cases, our customers find that they save on costs.

Committed to Sustainability

In our mission to help facilitate a more sustainable future, we employ the use of the latest technologies. Innovative design and engineering complement local manufacturing and service to create a holistic approach to doing business. It is only through this all-encompassing process that we may truly call ourselves sustainable. This is also true of the fabrication of the equipment we produce. All our equipment is constructed using recycled materials, where possible. We also use power generated from our own 85kw solar array in the fabrication process. This exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and energy consumption.

What is Energy Consumption?

In the context of a business, energy consumption refers to the total amount of energy used in production processes and/or running costs. Energy efficiency is a related term that points towards businesses being able to minimise energy consumption for the benefit of the environment and expenditure. Wastech Engineering can help your business do both.

Whether your business requires a small vertical baler for compacting cardboard or a custom-built recycling plant, our expertise and equipment can help. We can assist you in reducing your energy consumption with the use of purpose-built solutions that simultaneously deal with your waste and operate as efficiently as possible. This allows your business to reduce its carbon footprint in line with Federal climate change legislation and save on cost.

The Right Advice and Equipment

To achieve energy efficiency and minimise your carbon footprint, you’ll need the right advice and equipment. Often, what is suitable for one business will not be adequate for another based on a few factors including size and specifics of the industry.

We recommend getting in touch with us so that we can advise accordingly. Our professional and knowledgeable staff share the same vision in helping facilitate sustainability with a view to realising a circular economy. We are confident that our commitment to innovative ways of achieving sustainability will ensure we’re always the best choice for Australian businesses looking for waste management and recycling assistance. A member of our team will be available to provide support and answer any questions you may have.

Trust Wastech Engineering with your energy sustainability concerns in Australia. We are the proud experts in our field. If you have ever asked “what is energy consumption?” or “how can my business be sustainable?”, reach out by calling 03 8787 1600 or filling out our contact form today!

Planning Business Sustainability Strategies in Australia

Recycling Can Be Eco-Friendly and Profitable

Recycling Can Be Eco-Friendly and Profitable

For many, the main objective when planning business sustainability strategies is to become more eco-friendly. The conservation of natural resources and repurposing of existing materials is the basis of sustainability. However, with the help of Wastech Engineering, industries across Australia are now realising that the importance of sustainability in business extends beyond the basics. In most cases, recycling saves on costs but by utilising the latest methods and technologies, businesses can now turn their waste into direct profit.

Importance of Sustainability in Business

Ensuring your business functions in the best interests of the local and global environment is to the benefit of all concerned. Both the wider community and the economy is dependent on the planet remaining healthy. So, it only makes sense that, as industries continue to develop, technological advances be employed to ensure said industries can continue or at least adapt. This is the very nature of our business and why we continue to design, engineer and manufacture a range of equipment to aid recycling and sustainability.

Business Sustainability Strategies

Action from Federal and State governments have seen the imposition of carbon emission goals that must be met. This pressure has only increased in recent times. Australia’s Climate Change Bills mean an emissions reduction target of 43% and net zero emissions by 2050 is part of the country’s legislation. What this means for your business is dependent upon industry specifics. What may reasonably be assumed is that the avoidance of certain penalties and taxes can be facilitated with the use of adequate recycling equipment. Additionally, even something as simple as an eco-friendly baler can reduce your costs. Not only that, but recycling can actually turn a profit.

What Makes a Business Sustainable and Profitable?

When waste becomes landfill it is to the detriment of the environment. It could also be a missed opportunity for your business. If treated properly with balers or separation equipment, many typical waste materials can be reused as raw secondary materials to make new products. For example, compacted and shredded cardboard can be used to make new wood fibre products. The same can be said for other materials such as waste created by construction and demolition companies. Modern technological advances mean sorting equipment makes repurposing a lot more viable now than it has been in the past.

Get the Right Assistance

Many by-products are valuable secondary raw materials when treated properly with the correct equipment. With just a bit of market research and the right equipment, your business could realise a new revenue stream by focusing on sustainability practices. Of course, the recycling equipment required and the materials you will process will depend upon your specific industry. Get in touch with the professionals at Wastech Engineering and we can advise you of your options. We have helped a wide array of businesses across Australia and can customise a solution to suit your needs.

Wastech Engineering shows Australians what makes a business sustainable and profitable. If you’re interested in improving your business sustainability strategies, call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to learn how to improve sustainability in business today!

Save on Costs and Promote Sustainability in Australia

How to Save on Costs and Promote Sustainability

How to Save on Costs and Promote Sustainability

As a proud authority on waste management and environmental procedures, Wastech Engineering knows how to help your business navigate the path to sustainability. The great news is that this can be achieved at the same time as cutting costs. In fact, it can even open new and profitable revenue streams for many businesses. Read on to see how we can help your business.

How to be a Sustainable Business

A sustainable business is more than one which simply does a bit of recycling, although this is a good start. Ours is a holistic approach to doing our bit to create a circular economy. Wastech Engineering manufactures a large range of waste management and recycling equipment solutions. We then supply them and other recommended eco-friendly products to businesses across Australia. With the help of our equipment, these businesses compact, crush, sort and de-package materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We believe that businesses that adopt these methods are well on their way to becoming sustainable.

Savings Costs

While outlaying for the equipment may seem like a price to pay for sustainability, these costs will soon be covered. When waste materials like cardboard, plastic, e-waste and construction and demolition rubble are compacted and sorted, the benefits may be twofold where costs are concerned. Firstly, a reduction in cubic meterage results in less space taken up in warehouses and fewer pick-ups required to have it taken away. Secondly, machinery such as balers, shredders and crushing and screening equipment can treat your waste to see that it is fit to be sold as secondary raw materials in creating new products. This means that not only can our equipment save costs, but it can also create new revenue streams.

Sustainability/Environmental Laws

Both Federal and State governments in Australia have sustainability guidelines and environmental procedures that an increasing number of businesses are required to meet. Certain penalties and fines can be avoided by adhering to these guidelines. We can help. As these vary according to geographical location, we recommend getting in touch with us so that we can help you understand your requirements and stick to them. You may even find that there are subsidies or grants that can help you cover some of the initial costs, thereby helping you bring down your costs even sooner than you had hoped.

How to Promote Sustainable Consumption

Using purpose-built machinery or a custom-built recycling plant will help you promote sustainable consumption and save costs. At Wastech Engineering, we like to practice what we preach. While we take pride in facilitating sustainable solutions for businesses all over the country, we also apply those same principles to the manufacturing process of our products. All our equipment is fabricated using our own 85kw solar array using recycled materials where possible. Only in this way can we call ourselves a truly sustainable business. The great part is that this results in cost savings which we pass on to our customers to provide cost-effective solutions.

Want to know how to be a sustainable business? Looking for help dealing with sustainability/environmental laws? Wastech Engineering can help you reduce your small business environmental impact Ask how we can help you deal with Australian sustainability regulations. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to see how to promote sustainable consumption.

Benefits of Proper Waste Disposal in Australia

How Efficient Waste Management Helps the Environment

How Efficient Waste Management Helps the Environment

Wastech Engineering aims to help businesses achieve better sustainability practices and avoid potential disadvantages of waste management. We do this through the design, engineering and manufacturing of state-of-the-art equipment. Through decades at the forefront of the industry, we know the importance of waste disposal and have learned the best ways to deal with waste created by a host of industries. Here’s how the best sustainability practices help the environment.

The Importance of Correct Waste Disposal

Correct waste disposal is more important to businesses than it has ever been before. While always a concern for those environmentally minded, business owners and managers are now realising the benefits of sustainability practices and advanced recycling methods.

Effective waste management leads to:

  • Improved air and water quality as there are fewer pollutants
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Minimising the unnecessary use of natural resources
  • Environmental protection
  • A healthier population

Benefits for Business

In addition to the above, businesses can benefit more directly from sound sustainability practices. This comes through reductions in the costs of waste management and the potential for waste revenue streams. Often, effectively sorted and recycled products become valuable secondary raw materials in creating new products.

Good waste management can also help businesses avoid fines and penalties associated with not meeting goals and open the potential eligibility for government grants and subsidies.

How to Manage Waste in the Community

There are a host of industries that will benefit from great waste management practices. The easiest place to start is where a business creates a lot of cardboard or plastic waste. This is relevant to most industries but perhaps, especially to retail, hospitality and any other businesses that regularly discard packaging materials. Horizontal and vertical balers, crushers and compactors assist in reducing the costs of disposing of such materials and create opportunities to sell them as secondary raw materials.

Mining, healthcare and construction businesses all have more complex sustainability challenges however, those industries can also benefit from purpose-built recycling equipment.

Purpose-Built Recycling Equipment

While there are unique challenges that face different industries, we are confident of having a solution to help you meet your goals. Whether you need a small vertical baler or a custom-made recycling plant, we have the experience and expertise to help make your business more sustainable.

We recommend getting in touch to speak to one of our experienced staff members to advise you on the best way to take your next step. Not only do we provide support equipment to help you become sustainable, but we also ensure all our equipment is manufactured using our own 85kw solar array. This means we can keep costs down and pass them on to our customers while also saving the environment.

Wastech Engineering knows the benefits of proper waste disposal to the environment in Australia. Let us help your business with a solid waste management plan while negating the potential disadvantages of waste management. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to see how to manage waste in the community.

Eco Waste Management in Australia

Industries Benefitting from Eco Waste Management

7 Industries Benefitting from Eco Waste Management

Wastech Engineering is proud to have helped businesses from varying industries with achieving their sustainability goals. As the push towards eco-friendliness continues, more and more businesses can benefit by lowering costs, meeting Federal and State government goals and even directly profiting from recycling. Here, we look at seven such industries with an eye on eco waste materials created by each.


Retail businesses tend to generate a lot of cardboard and plastic waste, in addition to general waste. Such businesses used to simply throw all their waste into large garbage bins to be trucked away to landfill. In recent times, the push towards sustainability has seen the retail industry begin to transform its habits. Plastic and cardboard balers and compactors are now used to reduce wastage and minimise disposal costs.


There is a wide array of equipment that helps mining businesses reduce waste materials and disposal costs. From shredders, balers and compactors to advanced crushing and screening equipment, there are many applications across most aspects of the industry.


Like retail, the hospitality industry tends to generate a lot of cardboard, plastic and general food waste. In addition to equipment related to recycling plastics and cardboard, glass crushers and general waste compactors serve to reduce disposal costs by reducing the number of bins required.

Councils and Municipalities

Councils and municipalities are perhaps under the most pressure from governments and environmental protection groups to maintain better sustainability practices. This is because there are so many ways to improve by enlisting the help of purpose-built recycling equipment such as ours. Everything from balers and compactors to screening equipment may be of benefit.


Health and healthcare businesses share many of the same recycling challenges as other industries in addition to a few which are unique. Large amounts of plastic and cardboard can be dealt with using vertical or horizontal balers along with shredders and compactors. Practices unique to the health industry are in the hygienic disposal of sensitive materials. We recommend getting in touch with us to talk about how we can help you with the correct disposal of such waste.

Construction and Demolition

Businesses undertaking civil infrastructure or development projects can benefit from a host of equipment designed for better disposal of building rubble and materials. Technologies applied to recycling have seen advances in sorting machines meaning repurposing materials is more viable now than ever before. It may also offer a new profitable stream of business.


Businesses manufacturing all sorts of products can benefit from using better recycling equipment in the pursuit of sustainability. Like many of the industries already mentioned, a purpose-built recycling plant is often the most effective long-term solution when costs are considered over a few years. Our equipment can deal with cardboard, plastic, glass, e-waste and more.

Let Wastech Engineering show you how to be an eco friendly waste management company in Australia with eco friendly waste management ideas! Learn more about eco waste materials and what you can do to maximise your sustainability practices. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to learn more!

Using Eco-Friendly Solar Products in Australia

Our Products are Made Using Eco-Friendly Solar

Our Products are Made Using Eco-Friendly Solar

All recycling equipment either made by or recommended by Wastech Engineering is designed, engineered and fabricated to provide better recycling solutions. This is focused on the goals of sustainability and repurposing resources. However, our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. We not only provide industry-leading recycling solutions for Australia, but we also make those solutions using eco-friendly means.

How to Sustainably Use Solar Energy

We acknowledge that we all live and operate businesses in a world with a finite number of resources. This means that finding ways to reduce what we use and reuse what has been used are of equal importance. Therefore, the prime goal of our business is to provide other businesses with solutions that facilitate efficient recycling. We do this with cost in mind and aim to make it as affordable as possible for our customers. In this way, we can work with other businesses to provide sustainable and cost-effective recycling solutions.

Reach Your Sustainability Goals with Solar Products

By employing the latest technologies in our design, engineering and manufacturing techniques and practices, we are confident of being able to continue to help our customers recycle better. To take it one step further and truly consider us a business that helps others to operate sustainably, we apply the same magnifying glass to our own practices. That is why we manufacture our products using solar.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The transition to a reduce, reuse, recycle economy is one that affects everyone. So, it makes sense that we, as an industry leader in recycling, would employ practices that are eco-friendly in their very nature. All our equipment is fabricated using recycled materials, wherever possible. We also use power generated from our own 85kw solar array in the fabrication process. We believe that this is the only way we can truly claim to be sustainable. The great by-product of this approach is that it brings our costs down which we then pass on to our customers.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Our customers realise the benefits of our approach environmentally, financially and in the level of efficiency. Any other products we stock and recommend such as the McCloskey Environmental range share the same commitment to sustainability. This wide range of equipment is designed and manufactured for applications in a broad scope of industries. No matter whether your business is small, large or somewhere in between, we can all benefit from tackling the challenges of sustainability together.

Wastech Engineering’s eco friendly solar products harness the sustainability of solar energy in bringing you cutting-edge waste management and resource recovery solutions. Let us show you how to sustainably use solar energy. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to see how using our solar products help the environment in more ways than one!

Importance of Sustainability in Business

Ways Your Business Can Meet Sustainability Goals

5 Ways Your Business Can Meet Sustainability Goals

Wastech Engineering understands the importance of sustainability in business is more relevant now than it ever has ever been. Firstly, there is increased pressure from Federal and State governments to meet certain sustainability goals. Equally, and perhaps even more importantly, many of these goals reflect consumer concerns.

5 Steps to Create a More Sustainable Business Strategy

The reset in thinking that Coronavirus has created has only augmented these concerns. According to Australian polls, a company’s sustainability practices are of growing interest in paying for goods and services. We understand the importance of sustainability in business and manufacture our equipment accordingly. Here, we offer 5 steps to create a more sustainable business strategy.

Think About What Makes a Business Sustainable

What makes a business sustainable? Is it simply the ability to recycle what is used? Or is it more than that? Recycling is a great first step for a few reasons. Recycling ensures the conservation of energy, the reduction of pollution and the preservation of increasingly scarce natural resources. In addition, there are other steps you can take to ensure your business operates with sustainability in mind.

Choose Your Business Partners Wisely

Most businesses rely upon each other in one way or another. Choosing business partners who share similar values where sustainability is concerned will go a long way to helping your business stays the course. Savvy, sustainability-minded consumers may pick up on practices used by the businesses you work with as well as your own.

Choose Eco-Friendly Equipment

To recycle and repurpose effectively, you will need the right equipment. This could come in the form of a small vertical baler with a tiny footprint, a specialised larger setup, or even a custom-built recycling plant. Whichever suits the needs of your business, the constants remain the same. All Wastech Engineering equipment is fabricated using recycled materials, where possible. This is in addition to being made using power generated from our own 85kw solar array. We believe that this is the only way to be truly sustainable. The bonus is that it helps bring our costs down which are then passed on to our customers.

Reuse Resources Where Possible

One small and easy way a business might ensure maximum sustainability is by reusing existing resources. An example of this might be using discarded off-cuts to make furniture in offices. It may appear inconsequential however, it will signal to clients and customers who visit your business that you are committed.

Consider De-Packaging

Generally, if something cannot be entirely recycled, it is deemed unrecyclable and added to a landfill. However, the recycling industry lends itself to the benefits of technological advances as well as any other. Therefore, equipment such as the Turbo Separator work to separate products from packaging simply and quickly, so that as much as possible may be repurposed. This is just one example of how our cutting-edge design, engineering and manufacturing are helping businesses of all sizes with their sustainability goals.

Let Wastech Engineering show you how to ensure sustainability of a business in Australia with a few simple business sustainability strategies. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form to see how our equipment can help you reach your goals.

Benefits of Recycling the Materials in Australia

How Recycling Can be Eco-Friendly and Profitable

How Recycling Can be Eco-Friendly and Profitable

The recycling of materials for sustainable development is an admirable pursuit. In addition, there is increasing pressure on Australian businesses to adhere to certain measures in pursuit of Federal or State government sustainability goals. For either or both of those reasons, investing in equipment such as that expertly manufactured by Wastech Engineering is sound. Doing so helps your business save the environment and costs. However, there is an additional benefit that may apply to you. Your business may be able to turn its waste into a usable product.

How Does Recycling Help the Environment?

To the benefit of all concerned, recycling helps the environment. Recycling results in the conservation of precious energy, the reduction of pollution and the preservation of natural resources. At the most basic level, less waste ends up in a landfill. Therefore, Federal and State governments encourage businesses to meet certain goals across a wide variety of industries. From small businesses to civil infrastructure and development projects, we provide sustainability solutions for such businesses.

Recycling of Materials for Sustainable Development

Recycling can afford your business cost-saving opportunities. A typical example would be when a small, medium or large business uses a lot of cardboard. Using a vertical or horizontal baler of a size relevant to the business significantly reduces the cubic meterage of the space taken up in its warehouse. This then means fewer pickups and less money spent on having it taken away. While this is a simple example of how businesses may financially benefit from using recycling equipment in pursuit of sustainability, there is a more direct avenue.

Recycling for Profit

There are many different types of by-products that can be recycled and sold as valuable secondary raw materials. If we stay with the example of cardboard, it can be repurposed producing new wood fibre products. Therefore, there is a demand for baled, crushed and shredded cardboard. This applies to many other products including e-waste, aluminium, construction and demolition materials and more.  All you need to do is identify the product or products your business can repurpose, do some market research and find the equipment.

Finding the Right Equipment

If you’re repurposing plastics or paper, a baler, shredder or compactor might be best suited to your needs. This same equipment may be suitable for e-waste however, you may require slightly more sophisticated equipment to deal with separating and sorting. The same may be said of construction and demolition waste repurposing.

Fortunately, modern technologies have made separating and sorting easier and more viable. In addition, you may be eligible for certain grants and subsidies to help your business on its way. If you’re thinking your business might be able to turn its waste into a new revenue stream, we recommend getting in touch so we can advise you on the recycling equipment best suited to your goals.

How does recycling help the environment and turn a profit? Wastech Engineering can show you how recycling for sustainability can also be profitable. Trust us for sound sustainable recycling solutions. Call 03 8787 1600 or fill out our contact form and let the experts show you how!