Shark Compactor

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Shark Compactor

The patented Shark Compactor is ideal for compacting and transporting large waste products that are too bulky to be handled by traditional compactors.

The large 5m3 fold down feed hopper has a low front edge for ease of loading. Its 50 tonne packing force and heavy duty design easily crushes and compacts the most difficult of waste types presented ie. furniture, mattresses, white goods, plastic chemical containers, insulation bats and oversize boxes.

When not in use the hopper is stored in the raised position ensuring it is safe when used in unsupervised locations.

The Shark is ideal for use as a “Pop Up’ Transfer Station application as it requires no civil works or saw tooth bays and can be diesel powered.

Wood framed furniture6-7 tonnes
Hard plastic containers5-6 tonnes
Large cardboard boxes5-6 tonnes
Insulation Bats7-9 tonnes

  • Shark Compactor used for transportation of large waste products
  • Shark Compactor - compacting and transporting large waste products

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Shark Compactor - Wastech Engineering

Shark Compactor