S1500 Stationary Compactor

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S1500 Stationary Compactor

The S1500 Stationary Compactor provides compaction and containment of medium to large volumes of general waste, paper, cardboard and other recyclables.

This cardboard compactor can be designed for hand, bin lifter, tippler bin and chute loading. When full, the body or container is easily removed for emptying. The superior compaction forces provide high payloads to reduce your carbon footprint and your transport costs.

  • Reduced cost to transport your waste and recycling off site.
  • Reduced manual handling saving the cost of labour required to deal with the waste and recycling on site.
  • Safer manual handling reducing lost time due to injury.
  • Ability to handle your specific waste type and handling/loading method.
  • Robust Construction ensures an extended equipment lifespan reducing the need for unforseen upgrades.
  • Increased participation in a recycling program helping to reduce the organisations environmental impact.
  • Increased time available for staff to concentrate on other activities within the business.

Technical Specifications

Chamber Volume1.8 m3
Swept Volume1.4 m3
Machine Capacity110 m3/hr
Clear Top Opening (WxL)1500 x 1340 mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke1700 mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Size130 Bore mm, 90 Rod mm
Container Penetration350 mm
Pack Blade Face Size (W x H)1500 x 560 mm
Discharge Opening1500 x 760 mm
Electric Motor Size7.5 kW
Cycle Time (unloaded)47 s
Hydraulic Pump Flow27 L/min
Maximum Compaction Force225 kN
Power Required415V 20A

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