S4000 Stationary Compactor

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S4000 Stationary Compactor

This tough compactor for small to medium sized transfer station application is designed to cater for through-put volume of 240m³/hour. Compatible with all feed types including push pit, moving floor, conveyor and front-end loader.

Constructed from high tensile steel the S4000 is built to withstand high compaction force so you gain maximum payloads and reduced freight cost. With a clear top opening and chamber volume of 4m³ the S4000 can accept large product loads.

Compatible with 31-60m³ containers and transfer trailers
the S4000 comes with its own stand alone hydraulic power
pack and oil cooler.

  • S4000 Stationary Compactor used for payloads

Technical Specifications

MaterialHigh Tensile Steel
Chamber Volume4.0m³
Working CapacityUp to 310m³/hr
Clear Top Opening2550W x 1730L mm
Trailer/Container Penetration460 mm
Pack Blade Face Size1700W x 900H mm
Cylinder Size178mm Bore D, Rod 102mm D, Stroke 3m
Pressure130 bar (max 150)
Overall Dimensions (mm)6200L x 1900W x 1400H
Cycle Time60secs or 45secs (30kW Power)
Motor Size22kW (45A) or 30kW (60A)
Compaction Force340 kN
Weight5,800 kg (approx.)

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