ST1000 Stationary Compactor

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ST1000 Stationary Compactor

The ST1000 Stationary Compactor is designed for the compaction of large cardboard boxes and general waste product loads. The ST1000 is specifically designed for areas with limited space.

The ST1000 is designed to have a very short head to suit tight room restraints. The power pack and control box are remote mounted to suit all site installations. The ST1000 can be designed for hand, bin lifter, tippler bin and chute loading.

  • Reduced cost to transport your waste and recycling off site.
  • Reduced manual handling saving the cost of labour required to deal with the waste and recycling on site.
  • Safer manual handling reducing lost time due to injury.
  • Ability to handle your specific waste type and handling/loading method.
  • Robust Construction ensures an extended equipment lifespan reducing the need for unforeseen upgrades.
  • Increased participation in a recycling program helping to reduce the organisations environmental impact.
  • Increased time available for staff to concentrate on other activities within the business.

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