MZ3 Cardboard Feeder

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MZ3 Cardboard Feeder

The MZ3 is a forced feeder system designed for auger compactors to prevent jamming of expansive materials and decrease feed time.

Designed for compacting larger cardboard boxes fed in multiple layers, the MZ3 significantly increases the throughput of auger compactors.

Flexible mounting of feeder blades ensures a robust design, created to maintain a long service life while providing consistent performance improvement to your compaction process.

15 Kw motor drives an 800mm Diameter reducing to 500mm Diameter conical auger that achieves a high degree of compaction and thus a very high container content weight.

  • Image slider of a MZ3 Cardboard Feeder manufactured by Presto
  • Image slider of a MZ3 Cardboard Feeder manufactured by Presto

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MZ3 Cardboard Feeder

About Our Partner Presto


When it comes to compacting recyclables and residual waste, look no further, Presto are your professional partner!

Presto are a global enterprise, and have been servicing their customers in the area of environmental engineering for more than 50 years. Wherever large quantities of recyclables and waste must be disposed of, Presto can offer a solution designed to meet all individual requirements and specifications.

Innovation and know-how is part of Presto’s tradition!
Presto’s extensive experience and continuous pursuit of finding new and innovative solutions for the waste management challenges of their customers are a guarantee that each Presto product will meet or beat the high requirements of everyday waste removal problems. This will be done reliably, efficiently and under consideration of the highest safety standards.

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