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Turbo Separator

The clever recycling sorting machines.

Efficiently removes packaging

Wastech Engineering has partnered with ATRITOR to release the exciting ‘Turbo Separator’ range of de-packaging systems in Australia, that are capable of successfully removing up to 99 per cent of dry or liquid material from packaging.

Available exclusively through Wastech, the Turbo Separator range comprises four models, making them suitable for a wide range of de-packaging applications including to separate paper from gypsum in plasterboard, organics from packaging in food waste and general foodstuffs from their packaging.

With the Separator having done its job, the recovered product and packaging can then be recycled or disposed of suitably.

The technology combines centrifugal forces, self-generated airflow and mechanical processes to successfully remove up to 99 per cent of dry or liquid material from its packaging.

Along with achieving its impressive separation rate – which is higher than other package separation methods – it also delivers many operational efficiencies; the Turbo Separator is also more cost effective to operate than competitors thanks to a lower power consumption.

The Turbo Separator offers the following benefits:

  • Robust, durable construction for tough applications.
  • Reliability together with easy maintenance results in high uptime.
  • Avoids shredding or damage to packaging for a clean separation.
  • Energy efficient design minimises operating costs.
  • Wet or dry operation. Liquid can be added during or after separation if required by the material.
  • Can be installed as standalone system or integrated into a complete system solution.
  • Wide range of models to suit your operation and throughput.

Technical Specifications

Turbo Separator modelTS1260TS2096TS3096TS42120
Drive (KW)3224575
Suitable productsTea bags, food sachetsMixed packaged supermarket wasteMixed packaged supermarket wasteMixed packaged supermarket waste
Separation rate (material dependent)Up to 600 Kg / hourUp to 5,000 Kg /
Up to 10,000 Kg /
Up to 20,000 Kg /

Turbo Separator Key Features

Turbo Separator

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