Does Recycling Equipment Use Much Energy?

Benefits of Recycling for Australian Businesses

Does Recycling Equipment Use Much Energy?

When pursuing goals related to sustainability, recycling tends to be at the forefront. It is often the first aspect of eco-friendliness that businesses and individuals consider. However, many find themselves concerned about how much energy recycling equipment uses. If the machinery required to recycle uses a lot of energy to run, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of trying to be sustainable? Wastech Engineering has developed an appreciation for these concerns over many years at the forefront of the industry in Australia. Here, we address the issue of whether recycling equipment uses too much energy for viability.

How Does Recycling Help the Environment?

Firstly, it is a good idea to go over why we recycle. Recycling helps the environment for the benefit of the induvial and businesses alike. It conserves precious energy, reduces air and water pollution, and preserves finite natural resources. At the basic level, less waste ends in going into a landfill and is instead used as secondary raw materials in creating new products. At Wastech Engineering, we provide businesses with the equipment, advice and continued support to ensure that their recycling and sustainability goals are realised and maintained.

Does Recycling Use More Energy Than It Saves?

This is an oft asked and valid question. The short answer is “no”. In almost all situations, recycling a product to be used in making a new one uses less energy than starting from scratch. To use the example of aluminium cans, mining bauxite ore is an extraordinarily expensive venture when stacked up next to using recycled aluminium.

The same may be said for a lot of other materials from cardboard to construction and demolition materials. Thanks to the ever-evolving technologies we use in designing and engineering our recycling solutions, the costs are continually becoming more efficient. Products such as de-packaging equipment and crushing and screening machines mean that fewer and fewer materials are being wasted. This not only reduces costs for businesses but enables them to sell these raw materials in many cases, thereby creating a new revenue stream.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

There is another way in which we make recycling cheaper and more eco-friendly for our customers and their businesses. We believe that it makes sense that we, as an industry leader would use practices that are eco-friendly in the way we fabricate our products. Therefore, all our equipment is made using recycled materials, wherever possible.

Additionally, we use power generated from our own 85kw solar array in the production process. This not only makes our processes more sustainable but also costs us less. We pass these savings on to our customers, making recycling cheaper for everybody.

Wastech Engineering knows the benefits of recycling for Australian businesses. Trust us with all your recycling energy consumption concerns. If you have ever asked “how does recycling help the environment?” or “does recycling use more energy?”, get in touch by calling 03 8787 1600 or filling out our contact form today.

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