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Rotopress Garbage Truck

Proven, durable and reliable, the rotary barrel design of the Rotopress first launched in 1927 has been perfected over time, integrating the latest technology to develop the Rotopress as one of the most economical refuse collection vehicles in the world.

Excellent axle load distribution in any loading stage as waste is always transferred to the front of the barrel first.

Low tare Weight at approx. 800kg lighter than equivalent sized Blade type Rear Loaders.

Low maintenance and repair cost due to constant rotation of Barrel rather than clunking of steel compaction blades.

Very quiet operation due to constant rotation of Barrel rather than clunking of steel compaction blades.

Minimal residue left in body after emptying due to self-cleaning action of body as it empties in reverse rotation resulting in less smell and corrosion issues.

Self-sealing rear door and constant mixing of waste and residue makes this compactor ideal for wet MSW and Green waste applications as well as security destruction waste.

High manoeuvrability due to short rear overhang


The Favourite for Organic Waste

The rotating drum principle makes the ROTOPRESS the ideal collector for organic waste. The organic materials are loosely blended and therefore already excellently homogenised during collection – fluid is immediately mixed in again. The constant rotation aerates the waste and reduces the formation of anaerobic zones which are the source of unpleasant smells.

Emptying made easy

The container is emptied by changing the direction of rotation of the drum. This process allows the drum to clean itself itself without leaving any residues – there is no expensive cleaning to do in difficult to access places, corrosion is prevented and clusters of smells cannot even begin to develop.

No Leaks Here

Tightly sealed right down to the tiniest gap. The ROTOPRESS container is designed so that water (when dealing with organic waste), dust and ash cannot escape. The optional wastewater tank at the rear collects the stagnant seepage water.

Cleverness at every turn

A clean machine: the waste is continuously rotated and in the process crushed and conveyed forwards by two screw channels. The waste is finally compacted in the screw press channel as it narrows.

Replacement made easy

Screws instead of welding – the patented FAUN system prevents expensive repairs: the wear plates of the screw press can be easily replaced after many years of service. This reduces operating costs and saves money and time at every regular service.

Easy to operate

Simple, safe operation:

– Pushbutton for tumbler rotation in compaction direction ON

– Pushbutton OFF

– Pushbutton for tailgate OPEN and CLOSED

– Pushbutton for tumbler rotation in discharge direction

Technical Specifications

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