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Variopress Rear Loader

The Variopress is a versatile blade type rear loader for Household and Commercial Waste and Recycling collection.

Tested over 40 years the design has evolved into a reliable and robust workhorse that is light in tare weight to maximise your efficiency. Some clever design points help it stand out from the crowd as a market leader.

FAUN‘s new Variopress is available in two different body designs: With smooth side walls or, as an option, with ribs. The smooth container wall offers an optimum advertising space, and the ribs are a tribute to the classic rugged design.

The optional DIN connection frame enables a really wide range of lifter systems to be combined with the body. This combination allows all large waste bins from 60 litres to 1.7 m³ to be emptied. If required, bulk containers of up to 4.4 m³ can also be emptied with using special lifters.

FAUN’s sister company Zoller provides a wide range of bin lifters to suit all your requirements. Zoller has been designing and building lifters for the past 60 years and are considered to be the leading bin lifter manufacturer in Europe.


Clean Sliding

Pack Blade slides effortlessly on hardened steel rollers with a packing in between to stop ingress of waste.

Centralised Greasing from one point makes servicing a breeze.

Modular Design

Modular body design caters for ease of size variation and lighter tare weight. Side walls formed from single steel sheets elliminating joins and reducing welding deformation.

Long Service Life

Extensive use of XAR400 wear plate provides longer service life with reduced cracking and corrosion issues.

Greater Volume

Eject blade pressure is controlled via an in cab waste stream selector to reduce chance of overloading

Blade is sealed to inner walls of body to reduce waste bypass and resultant mess and smell.

Protected Hydraulic Lines

Hydraulic pipes on roof are protected behind the front bulk head from overhead trees.

Precision Through Roll Forming

Eject Blade guides are up out the liquid and waste fines for longer life.

Rounded floor corners optimize body loading and prevents waste sticking in corners

Technical Specifications

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Variopress Rear Loader