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Food Processing

Integrating sustainable food waste management strategies that drive environmental and economic growth.

The food processing sector has been ramping up its production and is set to keep growing in upcoming years. Along with this growth comes a real challenge – how to effectively manage the waste generated by the industry in a sustainable way.

The goal is to reduce landfill waste, efficiently handle food processing by-products, and drive economic and environmental growth.

With Wastech, the food processing industry can establish a clean, safe, and sustainable food waste management plan.

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Image of a Auger Bins cutout manufactured by Wastech Engineering

Auger Skip Bin is fitted with a ‘levelling screw’ which will distribute the waste product to the far end of the bin, as it fills. This method is ideal for Co Mingle recycling and can be used for Screened Grit, Powders, and similar waste products.

Rota Pack compactor

The Rota-Pak Compactor is designed with an auger blade to provide superior and more hygienic compaction of wet waste, paper, cardboard and other general waste.

cardboard and plastic baler

Our vertical balers reduce waste storage, collection & disposal costs for retail, commercial, and industrial businesses. Our comprehensive range of vertical balers enables us to provide innovative solutions for all your waste reduction requirements.

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