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Developing cost-effective and growth-driven waste management solutions in industry

Machine lubricants, scrap metals, plastics, industrial wastes, and even hazardous wastes burden the automotive and manufacturing industry.

The sector has constant challenges to implement manufacturing waste management solutions, minimize input and disposal costs, and reduce manufacturing wastes.

Effective waste management in manufacturing drives growth for manufacturers. This also helps with faster, more efficient, innovative, and integrated day-to-day operations.

Wastech is your go-to when it comes to tailor-fit car manufacturing waste management solutions.

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The shafts overlap each other ensuring a quick size-reduction process. To optimize the material feeding, the shredder can be equipped with a hydraulic pressure-stamp.


Looking for a waste management solution to improve your current system and reduce drum disposal costs? The DP16 Drum Press could be the perfect piece of piece of equipment for your needs.


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