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Municipal and Local Government

Investing in designing and developing cost-effective recycling equipment and facilities for council waste management

Municipal and local government faces a distinct waste management challenge concerning general waste collection and disposal, municipal solid waste management, environmental issues, and sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

The local council waste management must adopt an innovative and extensive range of equipment and waste solutions for the collection and disposal of large volumes of waste.

Wastech Engineering makes it easy and convenient for councils to manage residential, commercial and industrial waste.

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Fire suppression system for Australia & NZ. Detect & extinguish fires before they start. Protect your assets with military grade thermal sensor & HD video with human verification and intervention.


Hydraulically Powered Moving floors from Wastech Australia are safer and more efficient at moving large volumes of waste. Call us for council waste management solutions.

S8000 & S9000 Waste Compactors

The S8000 transfer station compactor is the biggest compactor of its type on the market for medium to large sized transfer stations.


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