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Wastech guarantees safe, reliable, and economical waste management solutions

Waste management in the hospitality industry is a major challenge given the significant amount of waste produced daily by hotels, restaurants, and other food service industries. Food waste, packaging, single-use plastic, and general waste are the most common types of waste generated in this sector.

Adopting effective hospitality waste management practices can lower waste disposal costs, contribute to a sustainable environment, and reduce the negative impact of the hospitality sector.

Wastech offers tailor-made waste management solutions to meet the unique demands of the hospitality and food service industries.

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The Rota-Pak Compactor is designed with an auger blade to provide superior and more hygienic compaction of wet waste, paper, cardboard and other general waste.


The B5 W is a machine which has been constructed to service users with smaller amounts of waste, but who still need a machine to handle bulky materials.

PRESTO pendulum compactors

PRESTO pendulum compactors are designed to be used for organic waste such as fruit and vegetables or any waste with a high level water content.


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