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Building a solid waste management solution with innovative and comprehensive equipment

Implementing waste management in infrastructure and civil engineering is challenging. The sector is dealing with general waste, construction waste, and demolition waste all of which has a substantial impact on the environment.

Companies need to make necessary infrastructure waste management adjustments to decrease large volumes of waste; lower disposal costs; and improve the industry’s economic effectiveness.

Infrastructure construction waste management requires an extensive range of equipment and facilities. Wastech can provide you with the right engineering waste management solutions.

Related Equipment

Image of a Open Top Skips Bin manufactured by Watech Engineering

Designed and manufactured to suit your specific requirements, Wastech open top skips come in a full range of dimensions, hook heights and rail widths.

Timber_Pallet_Crusher_Image_1 (1)

The Presto Timber Crusher, pre-treats wooden pallets for volume reduction and easy compaction delivering over 6.5 tonnes into a standard 31m3 bin.

Wastech Smartweigh System

The Smartweigh bin from Wastech provides accurate data on each disposal, utilising an integrated display screen for full transparency.


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