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Logistics and Warehouse

Optimising logistics activities with a more sustainable and cost-efficient waste management solution

Warehouse and storage, order fulfilment, transportation and freight forwarding are some of the core operations of the logistics industry in Australia.

These activities help businesses with their day-to-day deliveries, but they also generate a significant amount of waste – logistics waste, freight waste, and warehouse waste.

Improving logistics waste management has benefits for both the environment and businesses. It can minimise disposal costs, reduce waste sent to landfill, and improve daily operations.

Wastech offers cost-effective and sustainable logistics and warehouse waste management plans tailored to your needs.

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Image of Compactor Bins by Wastech Engineering

Designed and manufactured to suit your specific requirements, Wastech compactor bins come in a full range of dimensions, hook heights and rail widths.

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The Presto Timber Crusher, pre-treats wooden pallets for volume reduction and easy compaction delivering over 6.5 tonnes into a standard 31m3 bin.


Our vertical balers reduce waste storage, collection & disposal costs for retail, commercial, and industrial businesses. The X25 is equipped with cross cylinders, giving you stable compression and superior press force, together with a low overall height.


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