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Focused on delivering cost-effective, environmentally friendly waste management solutions

Retail industry is a major generator of packaging waste such as plastic, paper and cardboard. These can be difficult to recycle and end up in landfills. With efficient retail waste management, the industry contributes to reducing landfill waste that significantly lowers cost.

Waste management in the retail industry doesn’t only help cut costs, but also helps reduce carbon footprint.

With the help of Wastech, companies can get valuable and cost-effective waste management solutions tailored to the retail industry.

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B3_fill in cardboard (6)

Our vertical balers reduce waste storage, collection & disposal costs for retail, commercial, and industrial businesses. Compact without compromising on efficiency, the baler models B3, B4, B5W and X10 are designed for locations with restricted space.


Built for maximum efficiency, minimal maintenance and suitable for a range of business operations. Our medium vertical balers offer powerful crushing, superior press force, and fast cycle times, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Large Stationary Compactor

The S3000 Stationary Compactor provides compaction and containment of very large volumes of general waste, paper, cardboard and other recyclables.


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B3_fill in cardboard (6)

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