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Waste Management

Pioneering waste management equipment, engineering solutions, and sustainable resource recovery facilities

When dealing with Australia’s waste management and resource recovery, businesses require engineering solutions and facilities to divert wastes from landfills and contribute to the circular economy.

Australian waste management companies are the constant partner of various industries in handling their day-to-day waste disposal. Having a sustainable engineering solution is an important foundation for a solid waste management plan.

Wastech offers cost-efficient and sustainable waste management equipment that meets your needs.

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Fire suppression system for Australia & NZ. Detect & extinguish fires before they start. Protect your assets with military grade thermal sensor & HD video with human verification and intervention.


Wastech Engineering proudly designs, builds and installs transfer stations Australia-wide. We work with you to improve your environmental impact.

Waste Transfer Trailers with Maximum Payload and Minimum Tare Weight

Clearline Waste Compactor Trailer: Built to withstand heavy-duty use, reduce trips, save time, reduce tare & increase payload.


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