Neue Herbold

Neue Herbold

Plastics Recycling Equipment

Granulators, Shredders, Washers, and more

Neue Herbold, the German equipment manufacturer, is a global specialist in plastics recycling that offers a full range of machines including shredders, granulators, grinders, pulverisers, hammer mills, guillotines, washers, and dryers.

In addition to above, we also supply other peripheral devices, for example, conveyor belts for material feeding or for the forwarding of shredded material to the following units: pre-wash screws, suction units, cyclones and fines separators.

Pre Size-Reduction

Two Shaft Shredder ZRM

The ZRM series of two shaft shredders is characterised by their low shaft speeds, which can be either electrically or hydraulically powered.

Pipe Shredder HZR

The HZR range of pipe shredders can process up to three Tonnes per hour, although actual throughput is determined by the impact strength and wall thickness of the pipe together with the screen size.

Polystyrene Shredder RL

The RL series has been specially designed for the efficient processing and recycling of high-volume Styrofoam and insulation material.

Bale Breaker / Screw Shredder

The SB range of equipment is designed to process large items such as pallets and cable drums as well as for breaking up baled material.

Guillotine Shears GS

The Neue Herbold Guillotine Shears are specifically designed for the processing of special wastes such as fiber-bales, tapes, fishing nets, innerconnected adhesive films as well as large chunks or even rubber bales.

Single Shaft Shredder HZR

The HZR range of single shaft shredders features a low speed shaft together with a hydraulic pusher. Typically used for the pre-shredding of plastic bales and post-consumer waste.


Hammer Mills HM

The HM range of hammer mills is available with different tool designs and housings to permit the high-speed processing of different materials.

Granulators LM/SM

The wide range of granulator soffered by Neue Herbold allows many types of materials to be processed. All models feature robust construction and permit speedy blade changeovers and easy maintenance access.

Fine Grinding

Fine Grinding ZM

The ZM range of pulverisers is designed for the efficient and high-speed size reduction of granulated materials such as PE and PVC. Material is fed in using a vibratory feeder and automatic temperature control is available.


Washing plants

Neue Herbold offers a range of washing lines that may be specially designed to meet customers’ requirements. Washing lines can include hot or cold wash, can be suitable for food grade applications, can be designed to handle glue separation and are able to be specified to handle films or rigids.

Friction Washer FW

The FW series of friction washers are used to thoroughly wash plastic material including film flakes and bottle flakes (e.g. PET) and other rigid plastics.

Dewatering Screw

Material which has been washed and size reduced using a wet granulator passes to a dewatering screw which separates out the water containing the dissolved contamination.

Pre-Wash Screw

The pre-wash screw has been specially designed to remove foreign bodies from the material and for wetting the material with water. This is primarily intended for the recycling of film for pre-treatment and to protect the intensive washer.

Pre-Wash Drum

The pre-wash drum consists of a cylindrical separation level with material discharge as well as a conical feed hopper for the recycling material as well as the water.

Intensive Cleaner IW

The Neue Herbold IW range of intensive washers is designed for cleaning of material, primarily for film flakes, granulate from PET bottles and other rigid types of plastics.

Holding Silos FS

Neue Herbold Holding Silos / Film Silos FS Series have been developed for the intermediate storage of materials that do not flow easily. Size reduced film (film flakes), fibres, mono and multifilaments, etc.