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Intensive Cleaner IW

The Neue Herbold – Intensive Washer type IW is used for cleaning of material, primarily for film flakes, granulat from PET bottles and other rigid types of plastics.

The material – if cut with a wet granulator – is extremely wet and fed into the upper hopper, which is located on the edge of the dryer housing. An additional nozzle for spraying-in additional water is available as an option.

The rotor transports the material through the dryer from the inlet side to the outlet port. The rotor and the screen configuration conbined with the rotary speed determine the cleaning efficiency and the residual moisture content of the material.

When the material enters the dryer it is accelerated with high speed. Contaminated particles and water escape through the screen perforation. The polygonal screen cage causes a turn over of the material, which leads to a better cleaning and drying result.

Together with the fines the spun-off water exits the dryer through the lower discharge port.

The rotor is dynamically balanced. Roller bearings outside the housing guarantee an efficiant operation of the machine. On request the rotor may be equipped with exchangeable wear plates.

Housing with maintenance access door
The housing of the mechanical dryer is manufactured in heavy-duty welded design and mounted on anti-vibration pads. Both sides of the housing are equipped with hinged maintenance access doors. The front sides have two openings – the upper opening is for material feed and the lower opening at the opposite side is for material discharge. The lower part of the housing has an opening for water/fines discharge. The machine cover is bolted to a flange on top. The housing is manufactured in mild steel and is painted with a durable anti-corrosion coating.

The entire outside housing is painted with a 2-component paint.

Mechanical self cleaning
The mechanical self cleaning is done by rubber wipers, which are mounted to two arms, which rotate in a circular directon around the screen cage. The outside of the screen cage and the inner wall of the housing are continuously cleaned. The cleaning arms are driven by a gear motor.

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Technical Specifications

Machine Type
Intensive Cleaner type IW 1000
Intensive Cleaner type IW 1001
Intensive Cleaner type IW 1005
Intensive Cleaner type IW 1006

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About Neue Herbold

Wastech Engineering, as the Australian agent for Neue Herbold, offers a complete program for the size reduction (granulators, grinders, pipe-granulators, profile-granulators, pulverizers, fine-grinders, screw-shredders, bale-breaker, hammer mills, shredders, polystyrene-shredders, guillotines, complete washing-lines) and preparation of plastic waste from production and plastic waste collection points.