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What Does Australian Corporate Leadership Look Like in 2021?

As one of the most tumultuous years on record recedes into the rear-vision mirror, Australia’s corporate players are looking at what remains of 2021 with a mixture of optimism and caution. With more than 25 million Australians to vaccinate and many of our principle trading partners still wracked by the[...]

Australian Manufacturing in 2021 – Building a Better Future

Wastech Engineering prides itself on being a forward thinking, progressive manufacturing firm. As part of that, we think it’s valuable to take the time to take stock of the industry and look towards what the next 12 months may bring for our sector. In the wake of 2020, we think[...]

Design & Engineering in Australia in 2021

At Wastech Engineering, we’re always excited by good design. Australia is one of the great design capitals of the world, creating a range of innovative products for consumer and commercial use. From medical devices to smart materials, audio equipment and sports gear, our country punches well above its weight, offering[...]

5 Benefits of the Circular Economy in 2021

The circular economy is a concept we at Wastech Engineering are deeply familiar with and appreciative of. We believe that if implemented properly, it could have a transformative impact on our way of life, unlocking a range of benefits that we simply aren’t able to take advantage of right now.[...]

The Circular Economy in Action: an Australian Case Study

Wastech Engineering prides itself on being an advocate for the circular economy. With due consideration to the entire product lifespan, we believe Australian can radically reduce its reliance on new materials, allowing us to maintain our world-leading quality of life without harming the planet. We’re not alone in this pursuit.[...]

The Modern Manufacturing Skill Set – Everything You Need to Know

Today, manufacturing jobs look a little different to how they did 25 years ago. With the sector evolving at a rapid pace, the need for a more versatile and high-tech workforce has never been more important. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government has pledged to boost the[...]

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