Image of a person using the X25 Medium Vertical Baler (Flap Door) by Bramidan

Why a Baler is the Easiest Way to Go Eco-Friendly

At Wastech Engineering, we know that sustainability is more than simply promoting recycling. For a business to become truly sustainable, it must adopt sustainable practices and an ethos that permeates every aspect of the business. That’s why we fabricate our own products using solar energy as part of a holistic[...]

Save on Costs and Promote Sustainability in Australia

How to Save on Costs and Promote Sustainability

As a proud authority on waste management and environmental procedures, Wastech Engineering knows how to help your business navigate the path to sustainability. The great news is that this can be achieved at the same time as cutting costs. In fact, it can even open new and profitable revenue streams[...]

Benefits of Proper Waste Disposal in Australia

How Efficient Waste Management Helps the Environment

Wastech Engineering aims to help businesses achieve better sustainability practices and avoid potential disadvantages of waste management. We do this through the design, engineering and manufacturing of state-of-the-art equipment. Through decades at the forefront of the industry, we know the importance of waste disposal and have learned the best ways[...]

Eco Waste Management in Australia

Industries Benefitting from Eco Waste Management

7 Industries Benefitting from Eco Waste Management Wastech Engineering is proud to have helped businesses from varying industries with achieving their sustainability goals. As the push towards eco-friendliness continues, more and more businesses can benefit by lowering costs, meeting Federal and State government goals and even directly profiting from recycling.[...]

Using Eco-Friendly Solar Products in Australia

Our Products are Made Using Eco-Friendly Solar

All recycling equipment either made by or recommended by Wastech Engineering is designed, engineered and fabricated to provide better recycling solutions. This is focused on the goals of sustainability and repurposing resources. However, our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. We not only provide industry-leading recycling solutions for Australia, but[...]

Importance of Sustainability in Business

Ways Your Business Can Meet Sustainability Goals

5 Ways Your Business Can Meet Sustainability Goals Wastech Engineering understands the importance of sustainability in business is more relevant now than it ever has ever been. Firstly, there is increased pressure from Federal and State governments to meet certain sustainability goals. Equally, and perhaps even more importantly, many of[...]

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