Our Commitment to Sustainability and Energy Consumption

Sustainability and Energy Consumption in Australia

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Energy Consumption

At Wastech Engineering, we manufacture and supply a wide array of waste management and recycling equipment. We’re proud of the fact we’ve been able to provide businesses across Australia with sustainability solutions over our decades in business. Our range of equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured to deal with solid waste and recyclable materials in a way that helps businesses achieve sustainability goals. We do this while keeping costs down. In many cases, our customers find that they save on costs.

Committed to Sustainability

In our mission to help facilitate a more sustainable future, we employ the use of the latest technologies. Innovative design and engineering complement local manufacturing and service to create a holistic approach to doing business. It is only through this all-encompassing process that we may truly call ourselves sustainable. This is also true of the fabrication of the equipment we produce. All our equipment is constructed using recycled materials, where possible. We also use power generated from our own 85kw solar array in the fabrication process. This exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and energy consumption.

What is Energy Consumption?

In the context of a business, energy consumption refers to the total amount of energy used in production processes and/or running costs. Energy efficiency is a related term that points towards businesses being able to minimise energy consumption for the benefit of the environment and expenditure. Wastech Engineering can help your business do both.

Whether your business requires a small vertical baler for compacting cardboard or a custom-built recycling plant, our expertise and equipment can help. We can assist you in reducing your energy consumption with the use of purpose-built solutions that simultaneously deal with your waste and operate as efficiently as possible. This allows your business to reduce its carbon footprint in line with Federal climate change legislation and save on cost.

The Right Advice and Equipment

To achieve energy efficiency and minimise your carbon footprint, you’ll need the right advice and equipment. Often, what is suitable for one business will not be adequate for another based on a few factors including size and specifics of the industry.

We recommend getting in touch with us so that we can advise accordingly. Our professional and knowledgeable staff share the same vision in helping facilitate sustainability with a view to realising a circular economy. We are confident that our commitment to innovative ways of achieving sustainability will ensure we’re always the best choice for Australian businesses looking for waste management and recycling assistance. A member of our team will be available to provide support and answer any questions you may have.

Trust Wastech Engineering with your energy sustainability concerns in Australia. We are the proud experts in our field. If you have ever asked “what is energy consumption?” or “how can my business be sustainable?”, reach out by calling 03 8787 1600 or filling out our contact form today!

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