Baler Strapping Twine, Tape & More Consumables

Wastech has an excellent selection of compacting and stacking consumable supplies, including baler strapping tapes or twine in a range of sizes and strengths. These consumable products are a must-have for Australian businesses that use a baler, as baler tapes are essential for effective compacting and stacking.

Whether baler tapes, baler strapping tapes or twine, or recycle racks for waste collection are on your list, Wastech has you covered with an excellent selection of consumable supplies in Australia.

Baler Strapping Tapes or Baler Twines

Wastech has baler strapping tapes in many different sizes and strengths to suit most balers. Our European designed bale tape is strong and easy to tie, while the unique coating ensures it doesn’t come undone. For anyone dealing with regular baler loads and trying to keep all the materials organised for safe and clean work environments, our Bramidan tapes are a must have. Bramidan tapes are best suited to go with our Bramidan vertical balers.

Baler Strapping Tape

Recycle Racks

Wastech Recycle Racks can be used to collect and segregate different fractions of soft plastic waste. Their compact design and special shape make it easy to compress 10 to 12 kg of plastic waste in each bag before the bag needs to be changed.

Should you have larger quantities of plastic waste collected from different locations, these plastic bags can be compressed even further in a bale press and secured with the best baler and recycler tapes.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. The Wastech team will make sure you get the equipment you need for the job.