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Waste Management Equipment Rental

Allow your company to manage capital and cashflow more effectively with Wastech Engineering offering straightforward and affordable corporate waste equipment hire in Australia and New Zealand. We make it easy for your company to efficiently and cost-effectively implement more sustainable waste management practices.

Waste Equipment Rental Options

Wastech Engineering has a range of different waste management machines available for your company to rent:

Benefits of Waste Equipment Hire

Rather than spending critical capital on owning waste management equipment that will soon become obsolete, your company can use Wastech Engineering for waste equipment hire. When you rent waste management equipment from us, you pay a predictable fee for the latest technology and reduce the financial or liability risks of ownership. You can:

  • Free up capital for other business operations.
  • Reduce operational risk with fully serviced equipment.
  • Get equipment in use as quickly as possible.
  • Have access to the latest equipment.
  • Enjoy tax advantages of operating leases.
  • Develop a simple and efficient repayment schedule.
  • Never worry about resale risks.

Baler Hire

Wastech Engineering provides baler hire services for companies in Australia and New Zealand. Our commercial balers are great for plastic, e-waste and cardboard. Wastech’s corporate baler rental packages can help you efficiently manage waste in smaller spaces.

Compactor Hire

Wastech Engineering provides compactor hire services for companies in Australia and New Zealand. We have compactors for cardboard, plastic, aluminium, organic materials and commingled waste. Our corporate compactor rental package makes it easier for your company to compact and contain medium to large volumes of waste.

To request a quote on waste equipment hire in Australia and New Zealand, call Wastech Engineering 1800 465 465.