Top Choice for Cardboard Baler Rental in Australia

Looking to recycle cardboard, plastic, or e-waste but don’t want to invest in a brand new baler? Cardboard baler rental from Wastech could be perfect for you. As the trusted leaders in Australian waste and recycling equipment, we have a wide range of options when it comes to renting a baler. With the budget-conscious cost of renting a baler and greater flexibility, it’s no wonder Bramidan vertical baler rental is so popular for businesses.

Impressive Baler Rental Benefits

Renting a baler could be very beneficial for small and medium businesses where it doesn’t make sense to actually buy a baler. Wastech works with many local companies that don’t necessarily have the resources or requirements to justify purchasing a baler, but instead opt for the surprisingly low cost of renting a baler.

Although balers are used predominantly for cardboard and plastic, Wastech has some specialised balers for e-waste and aluminium, so you can make the right call on the best baler rental for small business. Whichever option you choose for vertical baler rental, you’ll soon find that renting a baler is an excellent way to ensure preventative maintenance, service issues, and installation are all covered.

Why Rent a Wastech Baler?

  • Free up capital with flexible tenure
  • Fully serviced equipment reduces operational risk
  • Get equipment in use as quickly as possible
  • Access to the latest equipment
  • Tax advantages of operating leases
  • Simple and efficient repayment schedule
  • No resale value risks

Great For  Cardboard

cardboard and plastic baler

Best Cardboard Baler Rental for Small Business

The cost of renting a baler with Wastech is more affordable than you might think, and we are always here to help with all your vertical baler rental needs.

Contact Wastech today and let’s chat about renting a baler to support your business recycling and waste management efforts.

Balers Available for Rent