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Image of a Fire Rover by Wastech Engineering suppressing fire automatically

Fire Suppression Systems

Wastech Engineering is proud to offer the Fire Rover automated fire suppression system to help keep facilities in Australia and New Zealand safe. Fires are one of the most prevalent and serious threats to facilities of all sizes. From an onsite facility at a corporate office building to a high-volume materials recovery facility, waste and recyclable materials in proximity to electrical and mechanical machinery are highly combustible. That’s where the Fire Rover technology comes in.

How Fire Rover Works

Early Detection of Fire Threats

The Fire Rover system uses military-grade thermal detection and high-definition video to pinpoint hotspots before a fire flares up. When the system detects thermal activity, it feeds the information for further processing and human verification before it suppresses the fire.

Fire Suppression System

The Fire Rover UL Listed and FM Approved live-monitoring team is instantly alerted of a heat increase and engages Fire Rover’s automated suppression system—extinguishing fires of all calibres, including wood, cardboard, petroleum, plastic, lithium-ion, and waste fires.

Fire suppression cylinder placed in a battery room.

Stop Fires Before They Get Out of Control

Fire Rover is on guard 24/7 to address all disruptions promptly and suppresses fire threats before they spiral out of control. We go above and beyond to keep your facility safe, delivering significantly higher volumes of fire suppression solutions to the base of the fire than recommended by local fire authorities. The automated Fire Rover fire prevention system fully protects your facility so you can focus on running your business.

OnWatch: The 24/7 Outdoor Early Fire Detection

A mobile unit utilizing both solar and wind power to provide 24/7 fire watch and emergency dispatch.

How it works

The OnWatch system communicates via a 4G/5G cellular network and connects to the Fire Rover Monitoring Center for quick detection, identification and dispatch of emergency personnel. The OnWatch mobile unit is heavy-duty for harsh environments, including dust, wind and uneven surfaces.

Image of OnWatch By Fire Rover

Seeing is Believing!

Wastech Engineering can help you prevent fires at your facility. To find out how the Fire Rover system can keep your facility safe, call us on 1800 465 465.

Custom Fire Suppression Solution

Wastech Engineering will complete a site survey and customise the design and placement of your system to ensure maximum detection and suppression capabilities.

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