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OnWatch: The 24/7 Outdoor Fire Detection System

OnWatch by Fire Rover, an innovative mobile unit designed to provide 24/7 fire detection and immediate emergency dispatch services. Powered by a combination of solar and wind energy, the Fire Detection System operates seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted protection from wildfires and other fire hazards.

Image of OnWatch By Fire Rover
  • 24/7 thermal imaging and monitoring for abnormal heat and emergency dispatch.
  • Telescoping mast that can cover up to 360 degrees.
  • Solar and wind powered with significant battery reserves.
  • Built to operate in rugged environments.
  • Easy deployment and relocation with standard trailer hitch.

Built to withstand harsh environment and conditions, OnWatch is crafted from durable, high-quality materials capable of enduring dust, wind, and rough terrain. Its telescopic mast provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. The Fire Monitoring System is convenient to set up and relocate using a standard trailer hitch. It comes equipped with substantial battery reserves, ensuring continuous operation even during rugged conditions.

  • Landfill Working Face: Prevent fires from spreading and damaging your landfill operations.
  • Compost Windrows: Monitor the temperature and moisture of your compost piles and avoid spontaneous combustion.
  • C&D: Protect your construction and demolition sites from potential fire hazards.
  • Wildfires: Detect and report wildfires before they get out of control and threaten lives and property.
  • Outdoor Waste/Recycling: Minimize unprecedented fire threat with thermal fire detector system.

Utilizing thermal imaging fire detection and advanced monitoring technology, OnWatch scans for unusual heat signatures and early warning for potential fire hazards. OnWatch instantly relays the information, upon early warning fire detection, to the Fire Rover Monitoring Center via a 4G/5G cellular network, triggering a rapid emergency response.

This real-time communication enables emergency personnel to dispatch within moments, minimizing the risk of fire damage and ensuring the safety of your property and personnel. OnWatch by Fire Rover serves as the ultimate solution for safeguarding your outdoor spaces against fire hazards, offering unparalleled protection for your specific needs.