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Technology-enabled horizontal balers and leading waste management solutions

Utilising over 25 years of years of experience in handling innovative waste management solutions for a diverse range of businesses, we’ve selected a range of powerful horizontal balers to tackle large volumes of cardboard, plastic and everything in between. Built by leading manufacturing companies PAM and Presto, our range of horizontal balers are adaptable, cost effective, efficient and can become an integral part of your waste management chain.

Technology-enabled horizontal balers and leading waste management solutions

With the ability to tackle large volumes of cardboard, plastic and everything in between, horizontal balers are an ideal solution for crushing and compacting larger volumes of waste. These high-quality machines are ideal for both commercial and industrial industries, where a high volume of plastic, cardboard and materials needs to be baled. From retail stores, food factories and sorting facilities to regional councils, breweries and offices, we’ve got the right machine to suit you.

Horizontal Balers used for leading waste management solutions

These machines feature powerful hydraulic cylinders that can easily compact waste into neat bales of up to 1500kg, model dependent. Depending on the baler model, bales produced can be tied manually by the operator or automatically by the machine, as each horizontal baler gives businesses the opportunity to save times and money by letting the machine do most of the hard work.

Presto Horizontal Balers

We’re also delighted to partner with Presto and offer the CC20 and CC40 models to our customers. Combining best-practice design, high-quality materials and pioneering technologies, both balers will become an integral addition to any retail, commercial or industrial business. Compact in size without compromising on output, opt for one of these horizontal balers when floor space is at a premium.

Product image of the CC20 Horizontal Baler

CC20 Horizontal Baler

The CC20 Horizontal Baler has the cardboard and plastic crushing power to efficiently deal with large volumes of waste while still providing compact overall dimensions.

Baler ModelCC20
Waste VolumeMedium, High
ApplicationsPlastic Cardboard Bailing Plastic Foil Cardboard
IndustriesRecycling Retail Hospitals Supermarket Industrial Warehouse
Feeding Opening (l x w mm)1030 x 950
Bale Weight (kg)250-350

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CC40 Horizontal Baler

With its very wide filling opening, superior compacting power and small footprint, the CC40 Horizontal Baler effortlessly crushes large volumes of cardboard and plastic.

Baler ModelCC40
Waste VolumeHigh
ApplicationsPlastic Cardboard Plastic Foil Hard Plastic
IndustriesRecycling Retail Supermarket Warehouse
Feeding Opening (l x w mm)1030 x 1100
Bale Weight (kg)350-450

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