Image of a EDS-7000 Screeners manufactured by McCloskey Environmental

McCloskey Screeners

Designed to give customers high output and durability even in the most demanding conditions.

Image of a ER-155 High Energy Durable Screener manufactured by McCloskey Environmental


Most Trusted McCloskey Screener Supplier in Australia

McCloskey screeners are some of the best screeners on the market. Wastech Engineering is proud to be Australia’s licensed distributor of McCloskey Screeners. This screening equipment is built by experts to withstand the harsh conditions that Australia offers. With durability and efficiency at the forefront of the design process, you can be sure that screening equipment from McCloskey is built to last. Discover more about the McCloskey waste screening range available at Wastech Engineering below.

The McCloskey ER-155

The ER-155 is high quality piece of waste screening equipment designed to be tough, robust and to cope with the heaviest of applications. This model boasts a longer hopper and an extended tail conveyor, providing more flexibility in terms of load application. With the 25% larger loading target, you can fit more material on in one go, allowing you to screen more, in less time.

The McCloskey ER-230

One of the most durable, powerful and heavy duty mobile screeners in use around the world today, the ER-230 uses screening equipment that allows for highly efficient and high-quality outputs. It can be used in multiple ways, either as a standalone plant that produces a finished product, or to scalp recycled material for the picking station. With fast on-site set up time, parts and materials that are built to last, the ER-230 will not let you down.

The McCloskey EDS-7000

A high-tech tracked disc, the EDS-7000 is a piece of screening equipment that is built to effectively and reliably screen various types of materials. The patented disc screen technology uses hexagonal or octagonal discs with a flat profile. These discs move up and down to separate the materials and the waste. Additionally, the smart hopper allows for the machine to interchange between a 3-fraction and 2-fraction machine.

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