Banner Image of a ES-250 Track Shredder manufactured by McCloskey Environmental

McCloskey Shredders

Designed to give customers high output and durability even in the most demanding conditions.

Featured Image of a ES-250 Track Shredder manufactured by McCloskey Environmental


Most Trusted McCloskey Shredder Supplier in Australia

Wastech Engineering is proud to be Australia’s licenced distributer of the McCloskey Shredder. This industrial material shredder brand boasts the best shredders on the market. Using only high-quality parts and materials, you can feel confident that these shredders will hold up in even the harshest of conditions. The manufacturers have tried and tested these models to shred a range of materials, with positive results. Check out our range of McCloskey Shredders below.

The McCloskey ES-250

The McCloskey ES-250 is a tracked mobile shredder that has been proven to be able to shred basically any type of material. Furthermore, this model has been rigorously tested in the harsh Australian conditions to ensure it withstands high levels of heat and exposure to the elements. This industrial material shredder is designed to shred plants in which the incoming materials vary greatly in terms of size, shape, composition and difficulty shredding. The interaction between the knives and shafts was designed to ensure that the material is constantly moving, preventing any bridging and maximising shredding efficiency.

The McCloskey ESS-300

The McCloskey ESS-300 is tracked and highly mobile shredder is purpose built to shred a wide range and type of material effectively and reliably. This McCloskey Shredder is designed to meet the needs of plants that come in a wide variety of shapes, compositions and difficulty of shredding. A unique aspect of this mobile shredder is the ability to adjust the material output size. This is made possible using quick change mesh and an opening chamber that is operated via a hydraulic cylinder. Similar to the ES-250, this model optimises the interaction between the knives and the shafts to prevent bridging and ensure efficient shredding.

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