McCloskey Trommels

Designed to give customers high output and durability even in the most demanding conditions.

Image of a ET-620 Tracked Trommel manufactured by McCloskey Environmental


First Choice McCloskey Trommel Suppliers in Australia

Wastech Engineering is proud to be Australia’s licensed distributor of McCloskey Environmental trommels to a variety of industries. With years of experience in the industry, we know the specifications and requirements that our customers are looking for. In addition, we have expanded our reach to the global market, offering McCloskey trommel screens internationally. McCloskey trommels are designed to give customers high output and durability even in the harshest of Australian conditions. Tried and tested in the most extreme climates, these machines have proven time and again that they are built to last.

What do Trommels Do?

Trommel screens are most used in industrial workplaces to separate materials. Trommel mining equipment is common to see in mines all over Australia and the world, to separate the unwanted small granules, then stockpile larger pieces of stone or minerals. Furthermore, trommel screens incorporate a drying mechanism, which pumps air through the cylinder and dries any wet material. This drying process makes the separation of wanted and unwanted materials a lot easier.

The McCloskey Environmental Tracked Trommel ET-620

This ET-620 model is specifically designed to meet the needs of the European and rest of the world market. This can be used as a trommel mining equipment machine, or for dealing with wood waste, compost, light C&D waste or general MSW. The interchangeable drum is removable from a side opening door, making it easy to clean and replace if need be. Similarly, this allows the machine to be changed to a different feed material rapidly, which reduces the need for extra machines on site. There is also an intelligent system installed which prevents stalling and slowing down of the trommel screens.

All in all, this trommel by McCloskey is highly versatile, mobile and adjustable. It can be used in multiple workplace settings for multiple types of materials.

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