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Chute Maintenance Services

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Waste Chute Maintenance

Ensure safe, continuous operation of your waste chute system.

With over 15 years specialising in steel, concrete and plastic chute systems, Wastech are Australia’s leading provider of Chute and associated bin room equipment.

The Wastech National service network is available 24/7 to provide breakdown and maintenance support to ensure safe, reliable operation of the Chute system.

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We supply, service and maintain:

  • Chute systems.
  • Smart divertors.
  • Chute compactors.
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Regular Service Agreement will:

  • Prevent blockages & breakdowns.
  • Reduce odours.
  • Prevent rodent infestation.

Our Service Account Managers

Preventative Maintenance is critical to ensure the optimal performance, and maximum operational life of industrial equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements are site specific, based on volume, product type and designed to meet the specific requirements of each Customer.

From blockages and equipment malfunctions, we also offer internal inspection reports, internal repairs and full chute replacement. Wastech has the experience and staff to cater for all your needs. The scheduled planned service by a qualified Service Technician include:

  • Check operation of all loading doors.
  • Check door handle operation.
  • Clean all door hinges.
  • Check door mountings.
  • Clean external and internal services of doors excluding the chute system.
  • Lubricate all door hinges and springs.
  • Test all springs and struts (where applicable).
  • Inspect all chute throat sections below loading doors for damage.
  • Inspect all loading doors for general cleanliness.
  • Inspect discharge deflector for general cleanliness.
  • Check operation of discharge fire door.
  • Check discharge fire door fusible link.
  • Lubricate all pulleys and hinges of discharge fire door.

Note: Equipment must be empty, free from debris and safe for our technicians to attend and complete all service work.

Require Assistance?

For further information on Preventative maintenance, please consult with our team of specialists.