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Maximum Payload, Minimum Tare Weight

The Wastech ‘Clearline’ rolled wall body design provides greater durability and integral strength to withstand the high compaction forces in waste transfer station applications. The Clearline Trailer is built to withstand the high piercing forces during compaction of industrial type wastes.

This Wastech designed trailer incorporates the use of high tensile steel plate in the body, reducing tare weight and increasing payload. Additionally, the smooth internal design along with the hydraulic eject blade, safely and efficiently pushes out the waste load at the landfill.

  • 53 – 65m3 Triaxle
  • 65 – 75m3 Quad Axle
  • 114 – 120m3 A-Double
  • 106m3 Pocket Road Train
  • 130m3 Road Train
  • 70m3 Top Load Moving Floor Trailer
MaterialHigh Tensile Steel (5mm floor, 4mm walls and roof)
Rear Door Cycle Time15 Secs. (Hydraulic Operation)
Preferred Hydraulic Pump Size80l / min
Working Pressure2,100 PSI
Cyclinder Type5 & 6 Stage Telescopic Cylinder with Centre Support
Eject Blade Cycle TimeEject: 140 secs. | Retract 150 secs. (5 Stage Cylinder - Single Trailer)
Doorsop or Side Hinged Rear Doors (Hydraulic or Manual)
Tare WeightFrom 11,100kg - Single Trailer (subject to options)