B30W Baler

B30 W Baler

Extra wide filling opening.

The B30 Wide gives you a baler that is easy to fill with the large filling opening. There is no need to fold even large cardboard boxes.

Inside the chamber, rows of retainers keep down the waste material,giving efficient compaction and a dense bale.

A full bale light indicates when the chamber has reached full capacity and the bale can be tied off. The eject bale system is activated automatically, avoiding fault operation.

  • Fast Cycle Time. The baler has a fast cycle time of only 43 seconds.
  • Flexible Binding. Steel wire and strapping can be used.
  • Good Working Environment. Offering low noise level of only 62dB.


Strap rolls are easy to replace in front of the machine.

An efficient and silent ejecting system ensures easy handling of the compressed bale.

The Baler has a simple and safe control panel.

  • A man putting cardboard box in the baler

Non-Standard Door Options

Sliding Door

Technical Specifications

Press Force (t)30
Power Supply415V 20A
Motor (kW)4.0
Noise Level (dB)62-64
Cycle Time (sec)43
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)2075 x 1275 x 3280
Weight (kg)1670
Filling Opening WxH (mm)1525 x 560
Filling Height (mm)1260
Chamber Height (mm)1680
Stroke (mm)1000
Bale Size WxDxH (mm)1525 x 800 x 1100
Bale Weight Cardboard (kg)375-550
Bale Weight Plastic (kg)400-600


Large Balers Complete Range

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B50 Baler

A man putting cardboard box in the baler

B30W Baler

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About Our Partner Bramidan

Bramidan balers are recognised throughout Europe as one of the best waste and paper baler solutions for their immaculate design and quality. We stock a broad range of Vertical Balers to compact and bale waste, cardboard, plastic and polystyrene.

Contact us to discuss your needs and industry with our expert advisors who can help you choose the best waste or paper baler for your requirements.