X50 Galv Baler

X50 Galvanised Baler

Great for demanding and wet environments

In wet and demanding crushing environments, the X50 Galvanised Baler comes into its own and is ideal for applications with no hygienic requirement for stainless, but where demands on surface treatment are so severe that a normal painted crusher would not survive in the longer term.

Ideal for all waste types, the X50 Galvanised Baler compacts while also allowing draining of residual liquids, a flapped door also helps the user easily handle bottles and cans without back run.

  • Quality galvanised finish. DS/EN 1461:2009 galvanised.
  • Convenient. Baling and draining of residual liquids available.
  • Versatile. Suitable for PET bottles, aluminium and food cans and plastic jugs.


Product image of the x50 baler with an operator loading waste

Flap door avoids waste back-run when loading

Product image of the x50 baler displaying drainage columns for liquid collection

Equip efficient draining system and avoid dripping with additional door sealing

Product image of the x50 baler control panel

Block baler access with a PIN code or a personal key

  • x50 grey Baler loaded by operator
  • Product image of the X50 baler opened with an operator removing the bale
  • Product image of the x50 baler with the operator using the start control
  • Product image of the x50 baler with the bale completely removed showing the inner panel elevated for extraction

Technical Specifications

Bale weight cardboard (kg)350-450
Bale weight plastic foil (kg)400-500
Bale size WxDxH (mm)1200 x 800 x 1100
Press force (t)50
Power supply3x400V 50Hz 32A
Motor (kW)5.5
Noise Level (dB)71
Cycle time avg. (sec)28
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)1965 x 1385 x 2580
Machine weight (kg)2590
Feed opening WxH (mm)1090 x 610
Filling height (mm)1250
Chamber height (mm)1710
Stroke (mm)1210
Number of ties4
Type of tyingTwine / Steel wire
Full bale lightYes
Bale ejectAutomatic


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X50 Galv Baler

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