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Waste & Recycling Management Plan

Preparing a plan to manage the waste and recycling needs of your development is an important part of the application process.

Don’t know where to start?

Wastech Waste Management Plans provide a comprehensive report on waste volumes, equipment recommendations, collection methods and operational requirements all in one place!

From low, medium or high density residential developments, through to large commercial or mixed used developments, Wastech will deliver a waste management plan that works within your projects space and design objectives.

Let our experienced Waste Management consultants work closely with you to deliver a comprehensive report that complies with all council codes, BCA, Australian standards and statutory requirements.

We Can Offer

Upfront capability from inception to council submission.

Waste stream and volume assessment.

Equipment recommendations and collection alternatives.

Allocating and understanding operational requirements.

All delivered in just 10 business days!

Tailored, Comprehensive Reporting

Working closely with you to cover all specific planning and design requirements.

Priority Service

Fast, efficient and reliable service with complete reports available within 10 business days from receiving plans.

Preliminary Advice

Talk to an experienced waste consultant to consider waste and recycling elements at the design phase.

Make an Enquiry

To arrange a detailed discussion, please Contact a Wastech Waste Management consultant today on 1800 465 465 or email wmp@wastech.com.au