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Wastech are leaders in concept design, manufacture and installation of Transfer Station Systems to suit all waste types through-puts and geographical challenges.

From open top skips in small regional areas, to high throughput compactors and waste balers for busy metropolitan facilities, Wastech have a solution for all client specific requirements.

Marlborough Blenheim Transfer Station

Wastech designed, manufactured and installed C&I/C&D sort equipment at the Blenheim Transfer Station in New Zealand.

Council is looking to divert more than 8,000 tonnes each year that would normally be destined for landfill and have taken the first step to significantly reduce this number by building a new waste sorting system in Blenheim. The new sorting facility and equipment will tackle material from the local community and businesses and process through a sort shed that combines screening equipment, magnetic and manual sorting which picks anything out that can be reused or recycled.

The C&I/C&D sorting facility is the first of its kind in New Zealand and has the capacity to process up to 15 tonnes per hour dependant on material density. The new facility has created jobs within the local community, extended the life of land fill and also provided an additional income stream from recovered material.

Cairns Regional Council Pre-Sort Facility

Wastech designed, manufactured and installed a pre-sort picking station at the front end of the curbside material recovery facility for Cairns Regional Council in north Queensland.

Cairns RC were experiencing major issues in regards to contaminates from the curbside product fowling their system by bridging and jamming conveyors, screens and associated equipment. This problem significantly reduced their separation and throughput capacity with a high amount of stoppages daily to clear blockages.

The new pre-sort was successfully installed giving council staff the opportunity to remove contaminants prior to them entering the MRF. Since its installation down time has decreased significantly and throughput rates have increased upwards of 30%.
The system was delivered on time and on budget!

Suez Material Recovery Facility

This material recovery facility (MRF) recently installed for Perth Waste in Western Australia, has been designed and constructed to process 30 tonnes per hour of curbside comingled recyclables.

The system was designed in partnership with the US-based CP Group, who are recognised as one of the world leaders in MRF design. Using the latest screening and conveying technology in the industry, Wastech (in conjunction with the CP group) installed the complete system, delivering the material recovery facility on time and on budget.

Suez Geelong Sorting Facility

Working in conjunction with SUEZ Australia, Wastech designed and developed a small scale separation system incorporating an incline conveyor, fines trommel (-50mm & -13mm), a post sort conveyor and platform for the recovery of paper/ cardboard, ferrous and non ferrous metals, timber mixed plastics and the like.

The system was designed for separation of construction and demolition (C & D) and commercial and industrial (C & I) waste streams and the system was delivered on time and on budget!

Suez Geelong Sorting Facility for paper, cardboard and materials

Citywide Transfer Station

The Citywide transfer station system was designed to enable the Dynon Road Transfer Station to increase their throughput from 90,000 to 170,000 tonnes per year of municipal solid waste (MSW) and commercial and industrial (C & I) wastes.

Wastech designed a 30 metre long, 3 metre deep pit using the latest technology in high tensile moving floor systems. The floor conveys the waste into a Wastech S8000 transfer station compactor which compacts the waste into 57m3 waste transfer trailers. The pit and moving floor system was designed in three modular sections which made transportation and installation efficient and reduced the time required for the installation. The system was designed, delivered and installed on time and on budget!


S8000 Compactor

Transfer Trailer

Deep Moving Floor Pit

Auto Control System

CCTV Camera System

Organics Facility

Wastech Engineering recently designed, manufactured and installed a state-of-the-art sorting and shredding facility which processes over 100,000 tonnes of kerbside Garden Organics a year.

The system has also been designed to receive additional Food Organics (FOGO) tonnes when this part of the contract comes online in 2022/23. This was achieved by working closely with our client and key equipment partner the CP Group (based in San Diego, USA). Working closely with the client and CP, Wastech was able to provide a custom designed solution for the Client’s site specific requirements.

Using Wastech’s and CP’s combined expertise, we were able to provide the client with a system that includes; an infeed conveyor complete with a CP drum feeder which liberates the materials to make it easier for the decontamination process, numerous transfer conveyors, a 2 deck CP fines screen with cast chromium discs for maximum performance and life to remove course fines which vastly improves the longevity of the shredder cutters downline, cross belt magnet to extract any ferrous materials, sort cabins for maximum operator comfort and a dual shaft shredder to achieve maximum throughput and performance for both processing and decontaminating the incoming organics material. Another key design consideration was site housekeeping, so with that in mind Wastech’s engineers designed custom built conveyor transfer transitions and belly pans to prevent spillage of material between transfer points.

The system is also proudly maintained by Wastech’s National 24/7 preventative maintenance program and breakdown response service. Wastech’s Field Service technicians proudly maintain the system to maximise throughput and system performance achieving maximum system uptime and minimum system downtime.