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A detailed look at Timber & Cardboard Crushers

November 4, 2021

A Detailed Look at Timber and Cardboard Crushers

Timber and cardboard crushers play a critical role in dealing with the huge amounts of recyclable and residual waste. These powerful machines can crush and shred cardboard, pallets, plastic, PET bottles and wooden pallets.

With the innovation of their timber and cardboard crushers, Presto has left a lasting mark on the waste management industry forever. In this blog post, Wastech Engineering – the leading supplier of waste management equipment in Australia and New Zealand – breaks down the mechanics, history and impact of these machines.

What Do Cardboard and Timber Crushers Do?

When left alone, cardboard boxes and wooden pallets cause a lot of distress for the waste management industry. For one, they take up a lot of unnecessary space in landfills. Second, they are usually thrown away with other, unrecyclable materials attached, like nails, staples or packaging tape.

Cardboard and timber crushers destroy the integral shape of any loose material. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about deconstructing wooden structures or breaking down cardboard boxes.

Presto has several crusher models:

  • The PZZ Cardboard Crusher is designed to crush large cardboard cartons and cardboard pallets.
  • The Presto Timber Crusher pre-treats wooden pallets for volume reduction and easy compaction, reducing even wooden crates to splinters.
  • The MZ3 Cardboard Feeder compacts large cardboard boxes fed in multiple layers, increasing the throughput of auger compactors. The auger then processes this material, achieving up to double the bin weight of traditional compactors.

Wood Recycling Opportunities

Most waste goes through a material recovery facility where recyclable materials are separated from garbage. This is easy to do when you have an independent, unobstructed recyclable material. However, wood waste that contains nails, screws or staples cannot be separated and recycled. This stipulation prevents millions of tonnes of wood waste from being recycled every year.

A wood crusher changes that. When waste wood passes through a wood crusher, it is crushed and shredded into splinters. At the material recovery facility, workers can easily separate the pieces with nails, screws and staples from the rest of the wood. It results in much more wood getting recycled.

The more timber and cardboard that gets recycled, the more we can cut down on emissions and waste. Recycled cardboard makes chipboard for cereal boxes, paper towels, tissues, paper and more cardboard. Timber recycling is the most environmentally friendly form of timber production in Australia and New Zealand.

While it only takes you a few seconds to toss your timber and cardboard waste in Presto Crushers, it makes a world of difference for the waste management companies, the environment and the production industries.

Innovative Timber and Cardboard Recycling Solutions

If your office or business produces a lot of wood or cardboard waste, a dedicated Presto Crusher will be more effective and beneficial than a traditional waste compactor. To learn more about Wastech Engineering’s Presto Crushers and other waste management machinery in Australia, call us on 1800 465 465.

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