Best System Features for Recovery Facility Fire Suppression

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Best System Features for Recovery Facility Fire Suppression

August 21, 2022

Best Features for Recovery Facility Fire Suppression


Recovery facilities are under constant threat of devastating fires which can quickly spread and burn for days, if not weeks. Due to the large number of materials present on a site sitting in piles which are necessary for storage, these fires can burn at an unimaginable rate and cause injury, loss of life and permanent environmental damage by impacting air quality and ground water.


When it comes to highly sensitive facilities, fire suppression is the key to a safer workplace environment. However, every plan for fire suppression in waste and recycling must account for extreme situations where fire detection and suppression is necessary. At Wastech Engineering, we offer advanced Fire Rover fire detection and suppression systems with 24/7 monitoring, read on to find out more about the features that make this system unique.


24/7 Monitoring


Fire Rover’s state-of-the-art, fire suppression system is supervised by experts and cutting-edge software 24/7, 365 days a year with all thermal abnormalities recorded and addressed immediately.


Advanced Fire Detection


Using state-of-the-art thermal scanning technology and high-fidelity video footage, the Fire Rover detects fires in their infancy. When your fire prevention plan must switch to fire suppression there is little time to lose and the first few seconds of a potential fire are the most important. Hotspots are detected immediately by highly durable cameras which provide real time information to an UL Listed and FM approved central monitoring centre for instant verification of a threat or false alarm.


Early Detection Fire Suppression


Fire Rover sets the standard for fire suppression by instantly reacting to a problem as soon as it is verified by using modern fire agents which are manually aimed and delivered to the base of a fire. The advanced firefighting encapsulating agent is used to cool and cut off oxygen supply to a thermal abnormality within seconds. The system has been tested to combat fires of all kinds including chemical, oil, and lithium-ion battery fires.


To provide the very best fire suppression capabilities, Fire Rover uses a significantly higher volume of fire suppressing encapsulating agent than recommended by regulatory authorities, to guarantee superior results. Every fire that is extinguished is logged using video and a summary report is always sent to the client to view.


Software Upgrades & Preventive Maintenance


Fire Rover ensures that daily checks and regular onsite maintenance is conducted to keep the system running efficiently all year round. Preventative maintenance helps identify potential problems well before they arise which leads to lower repair costs and better system performance during times of emergency.


Advanced Fire Suppression Technology in Melbourne


Fire detection and suppression is a specialised skill set which requires a high level of technical and on ground experience. At Wastech Engineering, we specialise in providing manufacturing, materials recovery and waste collection facilities with cutting edge fire detection and suppression systems designed by Fire Rover. Get in touch with us for a consultation by calling 1800 465 465 or find more information online.


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