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Design & Engineering in Australia in 2021

January 1, 2021

At Wastech Engineering, we’re always excited by good design. Australia is one of the great design capitals of the world, creating a range of innovative products for consumer and commercial use. From medical devices to smart materials, audio equipment and sports gear, our country punches well above its weight, offering the world intelligent innovations and startling inventions.

We’re always on the lookout for instances of good design and engineering, and as we get further into 2021 we want to share a few examples that have got us excited about the future of the local sector. Read on and learn a bit more about how Australian designers are dazzling the world in 2021 with Wastech Engineering.

2Vu Telehealth Platform

2020 was a year when the accessibility of adequate medical care was in the spotlight like never before. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain the healthcare systems of many of the world’s nations. In Australia, we’ve been lucky enough to avoid the soaring case numbers experienced by other countries, but that doesn’t mean we are without challenges.

A big country with one of the lowest population densities in the world, many Australians live hundreds of kilometres from their nearest healthcare facility – small wonder the Flying Doctors are an Australian invention. That makes responding to a potential medical crisis difficult for people across the continent. To address this, NSW medical device company Visionflex has developed the 2Vu Telehealth Platform. A state-of-the-art medical video conferencing platform, the 2Vu allows multiple healthcare professionals to participate in a consultation, allowing the remote monitoring of vital patient data including blood pressure, ECG traces, temperature, and blood-oxygen levels via a suite of sensors.


How and where we work has been brought into sharp focus during the pandemic. The need to social distance has forced the closure of many non-essential premises, with many office-workers having to get to grips with remote work for the first time in their careers.

When our professionals do emerge into a new normal, the familiar office might look quite a bit different. Many businesses are considering downsizing or eliminating their permanent headquarters, realising that they don’t need to be paying tens of thousands per month in rent. With hot desking and staff rotation set to be the norm, the physical space of the office needs to adapt.

Enter Haworth with their Sakuru line. Created in collaboration with Australian designer Gavin harris, Sakuru is made for the modern office, offering furniture as flexible as your working from home policy. A mixture of components including workstations, conference tables, chairs and casual seating allow infinite variation and instant changeability in your workplace, allowing each day’s staff to tailor the space to their specific needs.

Hailie Smart Inhaler

With COVID-19 pushing respiratory health to the front of people’s minds, the arrival of the Adherium Hailie® could not be better timed. A smart inhaler in every sense of the word, Hailie is a combined asthma medication adherence solution comprised of a cloud-based platform and a Bluetooth® enabled sensor that wraps around an asthma inhaler.

Through their smartphone, patients can access real-time data on their treatment, sharing it with their physician seamlessly via an online portal. With Hailie, preventative medication adherence can increase significantly and severe exacerbations drop, leading to significant improvements in quality of life for people with chronic asthma. Wastech Engineering is proud to count ourselves amongst Australia’s top designers, delivering intelligent waste management solutions for businesses of all sizes. To learn more about Wastech’s waste & recycling projects, click here

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