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Everything a New Company Needs to Know About Waste Equipment

January 16, 2022

Crash Course on Waste Management Equipment for SMBs

Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are some of the biggest contributors of waste to Australia’s landfills. Due to the materials they generate, SMBs are also candidates for instituting sustainable, proper waste management protocols on site.

Every SMB should consider whether they need waste and recycling equipment to save money and operate more sustainably. To help your business get started, Wastech Engineering created this beginner’s guide with recommendations to improve solid waste management in Australia.

Waste Management Equipment for SMBs

Although many of Wastech Engineering’s machines are designed for commercial and industrial facilities, we have plenty of small balers, bins and lifters to streamline on-site waste management at your SMB too. Let’s take a look:

Small Vertical Balers

It’s not enough to just have skip bins and recycling bins at your office anymore. Small vertical balers take your waste management solutions to the next level. A baler compresses and compacts large volumes of waste and recyclable materials into neat bales for storage and transport. Balers compact cardboard, plastic and e-waste, perfect for offices, retail stores and other SMBs.

Many SMBs steer clear of recycling and professional waste management due to concerns about the scale of the operation. That’s not the case with balers. Wastech’s small vertical balers are designed to have a minimal footprint while maximising waste compression and recycling efforts.

Now that you know what waste management equipment is available, it’s time to analyse your business’s waste generation habits and find the right equipment.

Start by taking an inventory of the kind and amount of waste your business generates. This information will help you understand which baler model you need. For example, most office complexes generate a significant amount of paper and cardboard waste. Wastech’s BW5 Baler is a great solution – its small build is ideal for restricted spaces, and its extreme crushing power is suitable for bulky cardboard and other general waste.

Setting a Budget for Waste Management

If waste management is a priority for your SMB, you need to allocate an appropriate budget for the equipment. Wastech Engineering offers a flexible baler for hire option to cater to your SMBs budget restrictions. Renting a baler gives you access to the latest equipment and upgrades, but you don’t have to worry about maintenance or diminishing resale value.

Although it costs money upfront, upgrading to professional waste and recycling equipment can save your business money in the long run. If you generate more waste than your bins and skips can handle, or you find yourself calling your waste management company to haul away waste before pick-up day, you need a more professional solution. A waste and recycling baler will compact your waste, allowing you to store greater amounts in smaller volumes, reducing the need for frequent pick-ups.

Is Your Business on Board for Better Waste Management?

Professional waste and recycling equipment can benefit your SMB in more ways than just streamlining waste storage. Your business can leverage its sustainability action plan to build a better reputation and relationship with employees and customers. According to a Planet Ark study, 80% of Australian employees would like to see recycling in the workplace and want to contribute to a better planet.

If your business wants to upgrade to professional waste and recycling equipment, Wastech Engineering can provide a solution to suit your needs and budget. Our waste balers for SMBs are available for rent and purchase. For more recommendations to improve solid waste management at your SMB, call Wastech Engineering on 1800 465 465 or browse equipment online.

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