How to Dispose of Unwanted Wood Pallets

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How to Dispose of Unwanted Wood Pallets

December 7, 2021

Image of stacks of old wood pallets to be dispose

How to Dispose of Unwanted Wood Pallets

Businesses often encounter materials they’re unsure how to recycle. Wood pallets are one of the most commonly discarded materials that require special machinery to process effectively.

If you’re frequently searching for “pallet disposal near me,” that’s a sign your business needs professional pallet disposal equipment on site. Your company can save time and money by crushing timber on-site, reducing the need to call a waste management or pallet disposal company to pick up discarded pallets.

In Melbourne, many businesses discard wood pallets and crates daily. Whether you work at a construction site, demolition site, packaging company, wood processing facility, manufacturing site, or in another industry, you’ve probably wondered what to do with the discarded wood pallets taking up room in or sitting beside the skip bin.

The bottom line is that wood waste is common in Australia, and there are plenty of sustainable ways to process it rather than having whole wood pallets and crates end up in landfills.

Wastech Engineering supplies the most efficient pallet recycling machine Melbourne has seen to date: the Presto Timber Crusher. We specialise in providing high-quality waste and recycling equipment to Australia’s industrial sectors. Let’s take a look at why pallet recycling is important and how the Presto Timber Crusher can modernise your pallet disposal workflow.

The Problem with Pallet Disposal in Melbourne

Wooden pallets take up an exorbitant volume of space in landfills, transfer trailers and skip bins. It’s an even bigger problem when pallets end up in landfills because timber is a reusable resource. If you’re not recycling wooden pallets, you’re contributing to an unnecessary build-up of waste.

The Presto Timber Crusher for Pallet Recycling

The Presto Timber Crusher reduces and compacts the volume of wood pallet waste, enabling you to process and transport far more wood waste with less space and fewer resources. It can deliver over 6.5 tonnes of timber in a standard 31m3 bin. It can turn wood pallets and crates into splinters in a matter of minutes!

How to Dispose of Treated Timber

Just because wood is a reusable resource doesn’t mean that treated timber should sit in a landfill and break down. Wood waste includes used wood, natural wood, scrap wood and treated timber. There are many ways to repurpose the wood splinters the Presto Timber Crusher creates.

Shredded and splintered wood waste can be repurposed to create:

  • Furniture: Tables, chairs, TV stands, bookshelves, and more
  • Panel Boards: Used in construction
  • Biomass: Wood processed for energy production
  • Mulch and Compost: Used for landscapes, gardens, pathways, and so on
  • Wood Pallets: Repurposed to create new wood pallets

Pallet Recycling Melbourne

Instead of looking for “pallet disposal near me,” take matters into your own hands by having an efficient pallet recycling system on-site. Wastech Engineering can help you rent or purchase the waste and recycling equipment you need to reduce waste volume and save money on disposal. Our Presto Timber Crusher does what its name suggests and crushes wooden pallets for volume reduction and easy compaction. Enquire about pallet recycling and other custom equipment for your business by calling us on 1800 465 465 or find more information online.

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