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How to Find a Plastic Waste Baler

May 30, 2022

A plastic baler compressing plastic waste

How to Find a Cardboard or Plastic Waste and Recycling Baler

Commercial and on-site waste facilities use balers to compact waste for storage and transportation. Commonly baled materials include cardboard, paper, plastic and e-waste.

Balers are one of the most versatile types of waste management machinery due to their small size and ability to process many different kinds of waste. They help keep waste materials out of landfills by providing businesses and commercial waste facilities with an easy way to condense recyclables.

If you’re looking for waste and recycling balers and waste compactors in Australia, Wastech Engineering can help. We offer a range of vertical balers, horizontal balers and trash compactors for sale or hire to streamline your waste processing capabilities. In this article, we’re looking at considerations for finding a baler for your facility and an ideal Wastech model to suit each recyclable material.

Considerations for Finding a Waste Baler in Australia

When looking for a waste and recycling baler, you must consider the type of waste you generate, the volume and your budget for waste management. For instance, a small cardboard compactor is ideal for on-site waste management at an office complex. However, a manufacturing facility may also need a plastic compactor baler for the other materials it generates.

Small, Medium and Large Vertical Balers

Wastech Engineering’s range of small, medium and large vertical balers suit just about any material a business generates Whether you need a plastic compactor baler or a small cardboard compactor, these machines are built to suit:

  • Our small vertical balers provide optimal performance with a minimal footprint. They are ideal for office complexes, retail stores and similar small businesses.
  • Medium balers offer quality performance, high efficiency and require minimal maintenance. These machines are ideal for larger businesses and small waste facilities.
  • Large balers are designed for heavy-duty waste compaction for every material from cardboard to hard plastic and metal.

Wastech’s range of specialist balers compact other kinds of waste like drums, tins and bags.

Horizontal Balers for Business Applications

While vertical balers are most often used for on-site waste management, horizontal balers and waste compactors are ideal for waste management facilities. Horizontal balers are large machines for industrial and commercial facilities that produce large volumes of plastic, cardboard and other materials.

Horizontal balers use powerful hydraulic cylinders to compact waste into neat bales. The bales can be easily loaded into a transfer trailer and taken to a recycling centre for further processing.

Waste Balers vs. Waste Compactors in Australia

Although waste balers and compactors both condense large volumes of waste materials, they occupy different roles in waste processing. Balers are used to compress sorted recyclables. Compactors are used to compress mixed waste and recyclables into a container, reducing the number of bins your facility requires.

Making the Right Decision

Your company can streamline recycling and waste management with a plastic waste and recycling baler or compactor. Wastech Engineering will provide a personalised consultation to find a machine to suit your needs. To learn more, call us on 1800 465 465 or explore our waste management equipment online.


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